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Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff by nature of their office location will all have wired access to the network for their University issued primary workstation (e.g., desktop, laptop).  In addition, wireless access is also available for any University issued portable devices (e.g., laptops, tablets, phones) and personal devices used on campus

Wired Network

Faculty/staff with a desktop should generally not have any steps they will need to take to connect to the campus network as it should always be connected.  Should you have a portable device such as a laptop, as your primary workstation, it is highly recommended that you connect to the wired network whether connected directly to the network or via a docking station for the best experience.

Wireless Network

SMSU issued devices should automatically connect to the SMSU Wi-Fi when on campus.

Faculty and Staff can connect their personal device using SMSU Network Onramp when connecting to the wireless internet for the first time. SMSU Network Onramp is a tool that will configure your machine to access the SMSU wireless network, which will be the network you will use. Please click below for helpful documents on SMSU Network Onramp setup procedures.


Faculty/staff also have access to a service called Eduroam to connect to wireless, Eduroam is a global wireless service that allows faculty & staff remain connected to network at any Minnesota state colleges and universities they visit. Contact the TRC if you need help setting this up or follow the instructions in the link below to setup Eduroam.

How to setup Eduroam


Airtame is a service for displaying content wirelessly on enabled monitors across campus. The Airtame allows the user to share their screen from any device with the capability of installing the Airtame application. The Airtame service is available in many locations on campus.  Locations include smart classrooms, computer labs, conference rooms and library study rooms. The link below provides a well-detailed instruction on how to connect personal devices, and SMSU issued devices to Airtame

Airtame Instructions

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Faculty & Staff have the VPN resource available to them for Off Campus Access to SMSU Resources. The VPN allows Faculty & Staff work from anywhere using public networks to connect to the SMSU network. Contact the TRC for help setting up your VPN.

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