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Faculty/ Staff Information


In order to access your D2L Brightspace you will need to know your StarID.

If this is your first time, as a Faculty / Staff member, accessing D2L Brightspace, you will first need to contact the SMSU Technology Resource Center Helpdesk with the following information.
(It is best if an e-mail is sent to the TRC at

  • Name of the class
    Example: 101 Technology Assistance: Learning how to access the Smart Board
  • Tech ID for the class
    Example: 12345678
  • Your SMSU Tech ID number

The SMSU provides a free D2L Brightspace class for all faculty and staff in order to train them of how to use efficiently the D2L Brightspace. For assistance in learning how to use D2L Brightspace, please contact the TRC Helpdesk.

There are also two videos available that demonstrate the new Quiz tool auto-saving response feature.

Minnesota State video and D2L produced video.

D2L Brightspace update to v20.20.05

D2L Brightspace update to v.20.20.01

D2L Brightspace update to v.20.19.12

D2L Brightspace update to v.20.19.06

D2L Brightspace update to v.10.8.10

Instructors D2L Brightspace update to v.10.8.6

Instructors D2L Brightspace update to v.10.8.5

D2L Brightspace v.10.8.5 Upgrade Video

D2L Brightspace Support *

D2L Brightspace Video Tutorials 

The Discussions Grid View is back

* The D2L Support site requires StarID credentials to log into Office 365/SharePoint.

Grade import from D2L Brightspace into faculty application

Faculty member have the ability to pull released grades they have entered for their students in D2L Brightspace by the click of a button, into the Grade and LDA Entry application for the purpose of final posting of grades.

D2L Setup for importing faculty application

Open for saving draft

Open for posting grades

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