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Student Information

To access your D2L Brightspace, you will need to know your StarID.

If you are taking a class, but the class does not show up under D2L Brightspace, please speak to your professor first. Ask them to make sure that you are recognized on their class list under D2L Brightspace. If they say that you are listed, and everything should work fine, but you are still unable to access that class' page or are experiencing other problems, please contact the TRC Helpdesk.

If you have been accepted to SMSU or just registered for classes within the past few weeks, you may not have a D2L Brightspace account yet. Check again a day or two before the scheduled start date of the semester, and if you cannot access your D2L Brightspace the first day of the semester, please contact the TRC Helpdesk.

Also, not every class uses D2L Brightspace. So you may find the class on D2L Brightspace, but there will be nothing on the Contents or Home pages or anything.

The SMSU provides a free D2L Brightspace class for all students to train them on how to use efficiently the D2L Brightspace. For further assistance on D2L Brightspace, please contact the TRC Helpdesk.

D2L Pulse handout

D2L Brightspace Support for Students

There are also two videos available that demonstrate the new Quiz tool auto-saving response feature.

Minnesota State video and D2L produced video.

Students D2L Brightspace update to v20.20.05 

Students D2L Brightspace update to v.20.20.01

Students D2L Brightspace update to v.20.19.12

Students D2L Brightspace update to v.20.19.06

Students D2L Brightspace update to v.10.8.6

Students D2L Brightspace update to v.10.8.5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why can't I see a class that I am enlisted in?

Have you made sure to click the plus sign to drop down all of your classes?
Have you asked your professor to make sure that they have you on their D2L Brightspace class list?
Can you access other classes on D2L Brightspace?
If all of this is true, then call or e-mail Technology Resource Center Helpdesk.

2. Can I store information in D2L Brightspace?

Yes, you upload files to your D2L Brightspace locker. This is a newer feature that D2L Brightspace offers. It allows you to take information from your network storage space and put in on the internet, on a secure site, to take it elsewhere to edit. This is very beneficial when you do not have a CD or a jump drive to put the information on.

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