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Gaming & Internet TV Devices on the Network

Device Registration for Residence Halls

Chromecast, AirPlay or other remote display technologies are not compatible with the SMSU network.


In order to get any of your devices connected to the Wireless Internet please follow these simple steps.

  • First you will need to get the Wireless MAC address from the device you want to have connected. If you don’t know how to find the MAC address we have instructions located below.
  • Once you have the MAC address, go to a device such as a laptop or mobile device that is connected to the internet and go to
  • Click the start button on the webpage, it will bring you a page where you will sign in using your StarID and StarID password and click Continue.
  • On the following page, you will put the Wireless MAC address that you found earlier in the box on this page and click continue.
  • On the following page, there will be the name of the Wi-Fi and the password you will have to enter to gain access to it. On this page there is also information about the Consoles Wi-Fi. Click continue.
  • Return to the device that you submitted the MAC address and connect it to the Wi-Fi network called Consoles, the password it asks for was the password you saw and the page in Step 6. Once it connects you are all set to go.

Your MAC Address should be in this format:  AA : 11 : BB : 22 : CC : 33

You may find that it works sometimes but not always.  Due to firewall restrictions and the NAT requirements we are unable to make the necessary changes to the network that will allow uninterrupted online gaming experience.



Before your gaming console and other theater devices (AppleTv, BluRay, Tivo) will work on the SMSU Campus Wired Network you will need to Submit your Device Mac Address. The Mac Address registration is required in order to use the Wired Internet in residence halls.



 Attention XBOX Owners: Please note that XBOX uses a proprietary protocol for its wireless controller operating in the 2.4 GHz band. XBOX wireless controllers use frequency hopped transmissions at 2.4 GHz. They affect all channels, so changing WiFi channels will have no effect. These devices can be a serious performance concern if several are present in the environment. Please use wired XBOX controllers as much as you can. We appreciate it.

Instructions to find your MAC address

Please select your Device:

Xbox One Xbox Xbox 360
Nintendo Wii Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS PS3
PS4 PS Vita Google TV
Apple TV Boxee Box Roku


To find the MAC address for your PS3:

1. Turn on your PS3 console with no disc in the disc tray.
2. "Settings"
3. "Network Settings"
4. "Settings and Connection Status List"
5. Your MAC Address is the 12 digit number listed there.

To find the MAC address for your Xbox:

1. Turn on your Xbox console with no game disc in the disc tray.
2. From the Xbox Dashboard, choose "Settings"
3. Select "Network Settings"
4. The MAC address is the 12-digit number at the bottom-right corner of the "Network Settings" screen.

To find the MAC address of your Xbox 360:

1. Go to the Settings Screen,then select System
2. Go to Network Settings
3. Select SMSU Network OnRamp
4. It will then ask to test  the connection, Please Stop the test
5. You will then have to back out to the list of networks. Select SMSU Network OnRamp again and choose Configure Network.
6. Go to the Additional Settings tab, then select Advanced Settings.
7. Here you will see the MAC address for you console. With the Xbox 360 the wired and wireless MAC addresses are the same.

To find the MAC address for your Nintendo Wii:

1. From the Wii Channel menu, select "Wii Settings" (the round button on the bottom-left of the screen with "Wii" on it).
2. Select "Internet", then "Console Settings"
3. The MAC address of the Wii console is displayed on the first line.

NOTE: Since your machine will be plugged into the Ethernet port on the wall, you will need to purchase an Ethernet adapter for your Wii console.

To find the MAC address for your Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS:

1. From the HOME menu, highlight and select the System Settings Icon.
2. Select "Internet Settings."
3. Tap "Other Information."
4. Tap "Confirm MAC Address." Your system's MAC Address will be displayed on the screen.

To find the MAC address for your PS Vita:

1. From the Vita Home Screen, tap the Settings application and then tap Start.
2. Swipe up on the screen to scroll down to the System option, and then tap the System option.
3. Tap the System Information option.
4. Your MAC address is the combination of letters and numbers to the right of the MAC address heading.

To find the MAC address for your Xbox One:

1. From the Home Screen, select My games & apps.
2. Once in My Games & Apps, choose Apps.

3. Select Settings.
4. Select Network.
5. In Network Settings, select Advanced Settings.
6. Once you are in Advanced Settings, on the right hand side of the screen will be your Wired and Wireless MAC addresses.

To find the MAC addresses for your PS4:

1. Go to Settings from the home screen
2. Go down to Network
3. Then down to View Connection Status
4. From this area, you can get the Wireless and Wired MAC addresses

To find the MAC address for your Google TV:

1. Go to Settings
2. Select Network
3. Select Status, the Wireless MAC address will be on this screen

To find the MAC address for your Apple TV:

1. From the Main Menu, choose Settings
2. Click About
3. MAC address is next to Wireless ID

To find the MAC address for your Boxee Box:

1. Go to Settings
2. Select System
3. Select Information
4. Your MAC address will appear on the screen.

To find the MAC address for your Roku:

1. From the Roku home screen, select Settings
2. Select About
3. The MAC address will appear on the screen.
4. Alternatively, you can find the MAC address on the bottom or back of your Roku.

For Smart TVs you will need go to the manufacturer’s website to find steps due to there being too many different brands of Smart TVs for us to cover them all here.


To access the other pages under the Student Assistance tab, click on the links below


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