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E-Services Information

Click here to access the E-Services login page


Your username and password for E-Services is your StarID.

Screenshot of the student lefthand menu of E-Services

You will use E-Services for a number of things. First and foremost, Registering for Classes. When you log into E-Services, select Courses and Registration on the left side. Under this category, you can browse through all of the classes that SMSU will be offering in the upcoming semesters using Find Course. When you have selected course(s) to take, they will be in your Course Cart. Registration happens every semester. You will go sit down with your adviser and talk about which classes you will take. After this, your adviser gives you your Registration Code. Your Registration Window will tell you when you are allowed to register, and if you are unable to register for some reason, Check Registration Holds should tell you why. After you have registered, you will be able to view your class schedule by clicking View/Modify Class Schedule.

Grades and Transcripts will also be of use to you. Under this heading, click on Grades to view every grade you've received at SMSU. Your Interactive Degree Audit Report (DARS Report) is also important. When you go to speak with your adviser about registering for classes, you will need to print off a version of your DARS Report to go over with your adviser. This report is full of information. It shows you how many credits you've received, and what category they fall under. It tells you about your major and your minor, and how many credits you have left to attain to reach your goals. Many students find this DARS report to be confusing or difficult to read. If you are having troubles, please contact your adviser.

The Financial Aid tab is very important. You must go here to view your Award Letter. For more information on Financial Aid related topics, please refer to the Financial Aid Department.

Faculty and Staff

Use your StarID to login on the E-Services.

Screenshot of the faculty/staff lefthand menu of E-Services

If you are experiencing difficulties using E-Services, please contact the Registration office.

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