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Faculty / Staff Usernames and Passwords

Faculty / Staff Usernames and Passwords

There is one username/password combination that is used to access your Office 365 E-Mail, Library/Lab computers, the Wireless Network, E-Services, D2L Brightspace, SouthwestNet and Clean Access. This is called your StarID Username and password.   (Example: ab1234cd

When logging into the computers on campus, ab1234cd will be your username. Now, is your username for logging into your Office 365 E-Mail. It is not your e-mail address; Your e-mail address is, usually,

If you have a SmartPhone, your phone will not sync with password changes. Click here for more details.

(Your password will expire every so often, and it will prompt you to change it. You can only change it from the StarID Self Service website.)

Locked Account

If your account becomes Locked, please wait at least 30 minutes, and then try logging in again. If your account is still locked, please come down to the Technology Resource Center Helpdesk, and we can unlock your account for you. DO NOT request a password unlock over phone or e-mail.

(Please never send personal information, especially over e-mail. A locked account is usually caused when you enter your username or password incorrectly too many times in a row.)

Password Change

If you wish to change your password, visit the StarID Self Service website. (You may have to wait up to thirty minutes for your Office 365 E-Mail password to synchronize with this change.)  When you change your password, it will automatically change your password to your e-mail and such; however, you can not change your Office 365 E-Mail password, through your email account, Clean Access, and smsu-wireless network. Also, your Office 365 E-Mail will not prompt you to change your password.

Now, remember, when you change your StarID Password, it will change for your Office 365 E-Mail and your Clean Access and Wireless, as well. Clean Access should prompt you for the new password next time you login. Your Wireless, however, may stop working. This happens because it has cached (saved) your previous password. To fix this, open Network and Sharing Center. On the left, select Manage Wireless Networks. Select SMSU, and right click, select Properties. Go to the Security tab. There will be a checked box, saying Cache user information for subsequent connections to this network. Uncheck this box. Close Properties. Open Properties back up and re-check the box. When you attempt to connect to the wireless network again, it should prompt you for your username and password.

D2L Brightspace

Your username for D2L Brightspace is your StarID. If you cannot remember your password, hit the Forgot Your Password  link on D2L Brightspace log in page. This will take you to the StarID Self Service page where you can retrieve your username or password. You will not be able to change your password when you login to your D2L Brightspace account.


Your username for E-Services is your StarID. If you cannot remember your username or password, click the Need Login Help link on E-Service log in page, and follow the StarID Help instructions.


When you change your StarID password, you will need to update your Office 365 Email password on your phone. If not your phone, will continue to use your old password, and after so many attempts (which you won't even notice) your SmartPhone will have locked your account.

Now, you can have your password saved in more than one location on your phone. And remember that every phone is different, so check yours over, and think about all the instances where you've entered your StarID Username and Password. Here are some examples of password locations that you have to change manually:

  • Wireless. If you use the SMSU wireless network for web-browsing. (Including Office 365 E-Mail)
  • Office 365 E-Mail. If your Office 365 E-Mail is synced up directly to your phone using Exchange.
  • Office 365 E-Mail on your laptop. If you have Microsoft Office Outlook on your computer, and your Office 365 E-Mail is synced directly to it.


To access the other pages under the Faculty & Staff Assistance tab, click on the links below


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