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SMSU ITS Service Status

Recent Notification

Changes to Wireless OnBoarding

Starting tomorrow 5/10/18, the captive portal detection will be disabled on the OnRamp network. This means that all users must open a browser and browse to no matter which operating system they are using. The respective Network Assistant pop up windows will no longer automatically open upon connecting to the SMSU Network OnRamp wireless network.

Upcoming Changes to D2L Brightspace

On April 19, the single sign on feature will be implemented and the login page will provide a button for those using StarID credentials. For Admin and others who do not login to this site with StarID, a Non-StarID login link will be available. The single sign on will enable accessing several enterprise applications (Mediaspace, IT Service Desk, etc.) without needing to enter StarID credentials every time. See the video for a demo of single sign on.hanges to Kaltura Media.

Upcoming Changes to Kaltura MediaSpace

Display YouTube Videos within Kaltura MediaSpace

Kaltura’s YouTube integration, now available, is a great solution for individuals that want to share publicly available YouTube videos, but don’t want to subject viewers to advertising on YouTube.  In addition, you’ll be able to add an “In-Video Quiz” to this YouTube video.  There are a few things to consider.

  • Public Videos - The video on YouTube must be marked as “Public” or “Unlisted.”  If the video is removed from YouTube, the video will not be accessible on Kaltura MediaSpace.
  • Mechanical Captions – You are not able to order mechanical captions for these videos.  Kaltura MediaSpace will display captions if the YouTube video has captions associated.  Additionally, you’ll be able to upload and associate your own caption file (.srt or .dfxp) to this video.
  • Video Editor Unavailable – You will not be able to use the video editor to trim segments of a YouTube video, but you can utilize the “in-video quiz” tool.

Kaltura MediaSpace Gets a New Look (June 1st, 2018)

A redesigned look will be applied to Kaltura MediaSpace. Kaltura has redesigned MediaSpace to create a new, fresh, modern and clean look. The existing buttons and functions will remain, but you’ll have some additional search functionality. If you are looking for a video where you have used a particular word or phrase, you will have the ability to search the text of the captions for videos within MediaSpace.

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