WYSIWYG Text Editor

WYSIWYG Text Editor

One final thing left to be said is the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) text editor, CKEditor by CKSource. For a full documentation for using the CKEditor, click here to read CKSource's user guide to the CKEditor. Note that not all functions are available to everyone. Also, some of the icons in the user guide is different from the icons you would see in our editor. So, hover your mouse over the icons on your text editor to view the tooltip and match the tooltip you will see when hovering your mouse over the picture on the user guide.

Other specific instructions most users will be interested are:

Making common texts into hyperlinks like URL links, text anchors or e-mails
Click here for a video tutorial or here for the CKSource documentation.
Using an image that was previously uploaded on SouthwestNet file manager
Click here for a video tutorial or here for the CKSource documentation.

Note: There are certain functions that are not available to every staff member. This is due to making the the editor user friendly and simple.


Spell Checking

Unfortunately for us, we cannot have the spell check function available. In turn, there are alternative ways to check your texts.

Using Microsoft Word

One of the best ways to check your texts would be using your available copy of Microsoft Word. Follow the following steps to check your texts using Microsoft Word:

  1. Type all your required texts which includes your necessary images and videos.
  2. Copy everything in your text editor and paste it into a blank document of Microsoft Word.
  3. Make sure your copy of Microsoft Word has spell check enabled.
  4. If you have any problems in your texts, Microsoft Word will make errors more apparent.
  5. Make the necessary changes and copy your reviewed content.
  6. Paste your review content into your text editor.

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