SouthwestNet For Faculty/Staff

Looking to edit your SMSU webpage or curious what control you have over your page? Look no further! SouthwestNet is our web management system which means any changes a user wants (within the parameters of your access of course) can only be done via SouthwestNet.

This page will provide general ins-and-outs of editing your SMSU webpage and will also dig a little deeper into some advanced editing practices.


  • Logging into SouthwestNet
    First thing to do is always logging in. Learn how to log into your SouthwestNet account.
  • Edit your Directory Profile
    Your directory profile contains information that you are sharing online so you should have control over what is being shared online.
  • Personal Web Space
    Files can be stored online for easy accessibility either for yourself or for a colleague. Learn how to use Personal Web Space now.
  • Google Analytics Help
    Want to know how popular is your page? Learn to use Google Analytics and find out.
  • Design Tips
    Designing a page can be hard. Here are some tips and suggestions to optimize your page.
  • Using SouthwestNet Tools
    SouthwestNet provides many tools that will help you manage your information online so learn how to utilize them.
  • Content Management System Documentation
    Learn more about our content management system to be able to one day call yourself a professional web editor.
  • CKEditor WYSIWYG Text Editor
    SouthwestNet has a text editor that unfortunately has some quirks. This guide aims to help you understand the particular quirks of the text editor.

Last Modified: 1/27/17 11:19 AM