Personal Web Space

On SouthwestNet, you have your every own space to upload documents for easy access. However, note that any document you upload here can be viewed by all faculty and staff across SMSU.
  1. Log into SouthwestNet
  2. Once you are logged in, click on Directory Profile
  3. Then, click on the Personal Web Space button
  4. Click on Upload File
  5. Click on Browse and Locate the file you wish to upload, then choose Open
  6. Click on Upload
  7. The file will be located  at the following address:
    1. Name - The full name of the individual in the format FirstnameLastname, ex. JohnDoe
    2. File - The full name of the uploaded file with file type, ex. StretegicPlanning_March.doc

Note: Spaces and punctuation can cause problems with web storage, if your file has spaces or punctuation, please consider renaming to a web friendly format. For example:

Strategic Planning '98.doc should be changed to Strategic_Planning_1998.doc

Last Modified: 1/27/17 11:25 AM