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How you can use your mustang card Lost or Stolen Cards - Missing cards should be reported immediately online at or to either the Mustang Card Center or University Public Safety during normal business hours.  Lost or stolen cards will be frozen, blocking unauthorized use of the card.  Until the time a card is reported lost, liabilities incurred on the card are the responsibility of the card holder.  Temporary cards are available at the Card Center for a 3-day use period to provide access to your accounts while searching for your missing card.  If the missing card is not found within that 3-day time frame, your card will be permanently deactivated and a replacement card must be purchased to access accounts and services. 
( click on image to the left for complete details on page 3)

Damaged Cards - Most damaged cards are subject to the $25 replacement fee.  However, in some cases the fee may be waived by bringing the malfunctioning card for inspection. 
( click on card image to the left for complete details on page 2)

Account Deposits - You (or other wonderfully generous people such as your parents, grandparents, etc.) may add to your Mustang Money or Dining Dollar accounts via cash, check or credit card* as follows:

1. in person at the Mustang Card Center, second floor of the Student Center

2. online by clicking on the "FUNDS" option on the upper left side of this page

3. by mail to the Mustang Card Center, c/o The Centers @ SMSU, 1501 State Street, Marshall, MN 56258

*NOTE:  The on-line deposit option automatically adds a $1 convenience fee to your credit card transaction.  Deposits by cash or check do not incur a fee.

Library - Use your Mustang Card to access a plethora of information at the SMSU Library and on-line reference sites. (click here to go to the SMSU Library website)

Barnes & Noble - When it comes time to purchase textbooks, your Mustang Money, Financial Aid Funds, and/or U.S.. Bank Checking Account can get the job done with a single swipe of your Mustang Card. (click here to go to the Barnes & Noble textbook website)

Optional Banking with US Bank - If you choose to open a checking account with US Bank, you can set up your Mustang Card to double as your ATM/Debit Card. (click here to go to the U.S. Bank website)

Last Modified: 9/8/20 3:22 PM