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Mustangs 4 Life hero image with the mustang logo

Mustangs4Life - Mustangs Logo Revealed!

Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU) has officially released several enhanced athletic logos in an effort to support branding opportunities for its intercollegiate sports teams.

The new logos will compliment an already established brand providing SMSU a fiercer looking Mustang with vertical logo options in a layered format. Jacob Speer, SMSU's web services coordinator, along with Stacie Mulso, SMSU graphic designer, led the Communications and Marketing team that created the logos, in a process that developed over the past two years.

The new logos were unveiled during halftime of SMSU's homecoming versus Wayne State on Saturday night.

"The new group of athletic logos will bring an aggressive look to SMSU Athletics creating stronger branding opportunities," said Chris Hmielewski, SMSU Director of Athletics. "I would like to thank Jacob Speer, Stacie Mulso and the rest of the Communications and Marketing team for their creativeness and hard work in developing this new group of athletic logos over the past two years. The new logos give us a vertical logo option we were missing, and the layered design of the logos, will provide our department and teams many more branding options for uniforms, team travel and practice gear as well as camp apparel."

The new logos, along with a new partnership with Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA) to manage its domestic U.S. trademark-licensing program, will aid Mustang Athletics in improving its brand presence through innovative initiatives and enhanced relationships with local, regional and national vendors.


Revenue from SMSU's licensing program goes to protect and promote the University's name, enhance student activities and facilities, and support its athletic programs.

For more information, visit and tweet your thoughts using the hashtag #Mustangs4Life.


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