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SMSU Residence Halls

Housing and Residence Life for Fall 2020

The Residence Halls at Southwest Minnesota State University plan to be open for fall semester!

The staff of the SMSU Housing and Residence Life Department are working hard to provide students with the safest environment possible in light of the COVID-19 situation. So, in accordance with the CDC, Minnesota Department of Health, and Minnesota State system guidelines, the following change has been made for 2020-2021:

All double rooms in our traditional residence halls and Sweetland Hall have been converted to single-occupancy rooms for 2020-2021.

In addition, the room rates will be substantially lower than the previous traditional single room rates! There will be a per semester savings of $815 from the traditional double-as-a-single room rate, $620 from the traditional single room rate, and $632 from the Sweetland Hall single room rate.

We are excited to be fully utilizing our residence halls to accommodate the changes mentioned above and want to assure students that we will be working very hard to make sure all have a great experience at SMSU.

The single-occupancy rooms include the following residence halls:

*Foundation Residence Apartments will remain as two, three, and four person units.

We reserve the right to change your assignment at the discretion of the SMSU Residence Life Office for reasons of health, safety, need for repair services, vacancy consolidation, disciplinary sanctions, unresolvable incompatibility of roommates, or other reasons as identified by the SMSU Residence Life Office. The chief housing officer or designee will determine if you, your roommate, or both, will be reassigned

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