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The Farm Chemurgic: Changes in Agricultural Entrepreneurship Between the Two World Wars

By David E. Wright

Part of the Rural and Regional Essay Series, this essay tells the story of an attempt to save the American countryside by the Farm Chemurgic Council during the Great Depression by researching new crops and sources of fuel in an attempt to make money, and it discusses the real impact that Chemurgy had on households.

The Rural and Regional Essay Series is a companion series and successor to the Society for the Study of Local and Regional History's Historical Essays on Rural Life. Its goal is the publication of essays that offer distinct and seminal insights into rural and regional affairs. This series encompasses a wide range of history and the social sciences, and its editorial board welcomes innovative writings on a variety of rural and regional subjects.

The series is edited by Professor Joseph A. Amato with the assistance of Donata DeBruyckere, Janice Louwagie, and John Radzilowski. It is published, supported, and distributed by the Society for the Study of Local and Regional History and the History Center at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, Minnesota. Initial funding for this series was received from Southwest Minnesota State University and it Gunlogson Regional Research Fund, with additional funding from the Minnesota Humanities Commission.

Dr. David E. Wright is a professor of History at Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan, the university where he also earned his PhD in American History. Professor Wright has also studied at Princeton University. Currently he serves as the university officer in the Office of the President at Michigan State University. His extensive writings on American agriculture include "Alcohol Wrecks a Marriage: The Farm Chemurgic Movement and USDA in the the Alcohol Fuels Campaign in the Spring of 1933," written under the auspices of the National Science Foundation. "A Historical Perspective on the the Farm Chemurgic Movement" was a presentation to the American Cereal Chemists. Michigan State Historical Archives and Collections University houses Professor Wright's collection of papers from two of the foremost contributors to the Chemurgic Movement.

SSLRH, 1998

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