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The Cultures of Agriculture on the North American Plains

By Thomas Isern

CulturePart of the Rural and Regional Essay Series, this essay discusses the constantly changing Great Plains from the frontier through the 1950s. It also includes brief speculation about the future of the Great Plains

The Rural and Regional Essay Series is a companion series and successor to the Society for the Study of Local and Regional History's Historical Essays on Rural Life. Its goal is the publication of essays that offer distinct and seminal insights into rural and regional affairs. This series encompasses a wide range of history and the social sciences, and its editorial board welcomes innovative writings on a variety of rural and regional subjects.

The series is edited by Professor Joseph A. Amato with the assistance of Donata DeBruyckere, Janice Louwagie, and John Radzilowski. It is published, supported, and distributed by the Society for the Study of Local and Regional History and the History Center at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, Minnesota. Initial funding for this series was received from Southwest Minnesota State University and it Gunlogson Regional Research Fund, with additional funding from the Minnesota Humanities Commission.

Dr. Thomas D. Isern received his BA from Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas, and his MA and PhD from Oklahoma State University. From 1979 to 1991 he served on the faculty of Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas, and since that time has taught at North Dakota State University in Fargo. His fields of expertise include history and folklore of the North American plains and the history of agriculture. Dr. Isern's scholarly research and writings deal mainly with agricultural life on the plains. They include: Custom Combining on the Great Plains: A History; Bull Threshers and Bindlestiffs: Harvesting and Threshing on the Norht American Plains; Plains Folk: A Commonplace of the Great Plains, as well as articles in historical and literary journals and published reviews.

SSLRH, 1999

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