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Draining the Great Oasis: Claiming New Agricultural Land in Murray County, 1910-1915

By Janet Timmerman

DrainingAgPart of the Historical Essay Series, this essay focuses on southwestern Minnesota agriculture. Complete with a map, this essay discusses the process of claiming new agricultural land and its implications.

The Historical Essay Series is edited by Dr. Joseph Amato, former director of Rural Studies, with the assistance of Donata DeBruyckere, Janice Louwagie, and Dr. Thaddeus Radzilowski. It is published by the Southwest Minnesota State University History Department, the History Club, the History Center, and the Rural Studies program. It is partially sponsored and distributed by the Society for the Study of Local and Regional History. Assisting with the publication are Southwest Minnesota State University Word Processing Center and Duplicating Services. Additional thanks for supporting go to the State University Q7 Initiative Fund.

SSLRH, 1993

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