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At the Headwaters: The 1993 Flood in Southwestern Minnesota

Edited By Joseph Amato and Janet Timmerman

Headwaters"Composed of one history teacher, one VISTA worker (who had studied history), and five students (only one of whom had studied history), the Flood Project historians have been intent on preserving and enlarging our memory of the 1993 flood in southwest Minnesota. Housed at Southwest State University and working under a federal flood grant to the Minnesota Conservation Corps of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, they have focused on the origins and effects of the 1993 flood, especially in and around the regional lead city of Marshall. [...] In studying the floods of southwestern Minnesota, the flood historians A publication containing 40 photos and 40 essays.

Essays include:

  • "The Great Flood of 1993" by Joseph Amato
  • "Summary of Events" by Stacy Monge
  • "Not One Flood, But Three" by Toni Beebout-Bladholm
  • "Two Great Floods; Two Different Experiences" by D. H. Piehl
  • "In the Shadow of the Ridge" by Janet Timmerman
  • "Fire and Flood: The Pipestone Experience" by Julie Porter
  • "One City, One Ditch, One Big Problem" by Julie Porter
  • "Three Crests of the Des Moines" by Janet Timmerman
  • "Whiskey's for Drink'n and Water's for Fighting" by Janet Liebl
  • "Septic Tanks and Sump Pumps and the King of Rock and Roll" by Howard Mohr
  • "Anxious Days and Nights" by David Pichaske
  • "Under Siege: Flooding in the State Parks" by Rebecca Schlorf
  • "An Island for Livestock" by Rebecca Schlorf
  • "The Losing Hand: Betting on a Crop in 1993" by Rebecca Schlorf
  • "Paradise Lost" by Janet Timmerman
  • "Saving Wetlands Amidst A Flood" by Jim Muchlinski
  • "Time and Time Again" by Julie Porter
  • "The 1957 Flood" by Joseph Amato
  • "The 1993 Floods from Four Vantage Points" by Jim Muchlinski
  • "The Flood Within" by Toni Beebout-Baldholm
  • "The Disparity of Disaster" by Jennifer Mathiason
  • "Victims' Voice" by Toni Beebout-Bladholm
  • "Circle of Bright Ribbons" by Joseph Amato
  • "The Gift of Sandbags" by Joseph Amato
  • "In the Face of the Storm" by Toni Beebout-Bladholm
  • "Levees of Laughter" by Janet Timmerman
  • "Pumps, Pumps, and More Pumps" by Joseph Amato
  • "A Port in the Storm" by Jennifer Mathiason
  • "More Agencies Than You Can Shake A Stick At" by Stacy Monge
  • "An Agency's Work Is Never Done" by Stacy Monge
  • "How to Spell Relief: M-O-N-E-Y" by Rebecca Schlorf
  • "The Floods Turned Everyone Into a Psychologist or a Patient" by Jennifer Mathiason
  • "Live Eye" by Toni Beebout-Bladholm and Jennifer Mathiason
  • "Floods Are Not All Bad" by Joseph Amato
  • "Ecologists Upstream, Engineers Downstream" by Joseph Amato
  • "What About This RW-22" by Jim Muchlinski
  • "Letting Go" by Julie Porter and Rebecca Schlorf
  • "The Mirror of Responsibility" by Stacy Monge
  • "An Education for a City" by Joseph Amato
  • "Plain Sense" by Stacy Monge
  • "The Galloway Report" by Stacy Monge
  • "Eat Dessert First" by Bill Holm

SSLRH, 1995

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