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Southwest Minnesota: The Land and the People

Edited By Joseph Amato and David Pichaske

SWMNSWMNBackComplete with pictures, this book is a collection of essays that focus on southwestern Minnesota and its people. The book offers a contemporary history of businesses, water use, innovative materials, crops, the influence of world-wide markets, and many more often ignored and forgotten pieces of history and their impact on rural life. Essays include:

"The Ancient People and the Newly Come" by Meridel Le Sueur
"The Countryside as Quilt" by Joseph Amato
"Great Snows" by Carol Bly
"What the Countryman Knows by Heart" by Barton Sutter
"Going Out to Get the Mail" by Nancy Paddock
"The Grass Roots of Great Plains History" by Jim Muchlinski
"On the Coteau des Prairies, 1838" by Joseph Nicollet
"Horizontal Grandeur" by Bill Holm
"Picking Rock" by Phil Dacey
"Bones" by Paul Gruchow
"The First Peoples of Southwestern Minnesota" by Scott Anfinson
"Redwood Falls, 1861" by Henry Thoreau
"Toward the Sunset" by Ole Rolvaag
"Pullman Cars and Their Occupants" by Baron E. De Mandat-Gracey
"Cottonwoods" by Phebe Hanson
"In an Icelandic Graveyard" by Bill Holm
"The Grandfathers" by David Pichaske
"Ethnicity and Settlement in Southwestern Minnesota" by John Radzilowski
"The Land of the Straddle-Bug" by Hamlin Garland
"Reflections in Sleepy Eye" by Allen Ginsberg
"Home" by Garrison Keillor
"How to Take a Walk" by Leo Dangel
"My Father" by Frederick Manfred
"Autumn Waiting" by Tom Hennen
"Learning to Swim" by Faith Sullivan
"What Happened During the Ice Storm" by Jim Heynen
"Ten Ways of Looking at Pheasant Hunting in Southwestern Minnesota" by Joe Paddock
"Rivers of the Coteau des Prairies" by Thomas Waters
"A Story About My Father" by Robert Bly
"Pro Patria" by Tim O'Brien

Crossings Press, 2000

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