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Southwest Minnesota: The Land and the People

Edited By Joseph Amato and David Pichaske

SWMNSWMNBackComplete with pictures, this book is a collection of essays that focus on southwestern Minnesota and its people. The book offers a contemporary history of businesses, water use, innovative materials, crops, the influence of world-wide markets, and many more often ignored and forgotten pieces of history and their impact on rural life.

Essays include:

  • "The Ancient People and the Newly Come" by Meridel Le Sueur
  • "The Countryside as Quilt" by Joseph Amato
  • "Great Snows" by Carol Bly
  • "What the Countryman Knows by Heart" by Barton Sutter
  • "Going Out to Get the Mail" by Nancy Paddock
  • "The Grass Roots of Great Plains History" by Jim Muchlinski
  • "On the Coteau des Prairies, 1838" by Joseph Nicollet
  • "Horizontal Grandeur" by Bill Holm
  • "Picking Rock" by Phil Dacey
  • "Bones" by Paul Gruchow
  • "The First Peoples of Southwestern Minnesota" by Scott Anfinson
  • "Redwood Falls, 1861" by Henry Thoreau
  • "Toward the Sunset" by Ole Rolvaag
  • "Pullman Cars and Their Occupants" by Baron E. De Mandat-Gracey
  • "Cottonwoods" by Phebe Hanson
  • "In an Icelandic Graveyard" by Bill Holm
  • "The Grandfathers" by David Pichaske
  • "Ethnicity and Settlement in Southwestern Minnesota" by John Radzilowski
  • "The Land of the Straddle-Bug" by Hamlin Garland
  • "Reflections in Sleepy Eye" by Allen Ginsberg
  • "Home" by Garrison Keillor
  • "How to Take a Walk" by Leo Dangel
  • "My Father" by Frederick Manfred
  • "Autumn Waiting" by Tom Hennen
  • "Learning to Swim" by Faith Sullivan
  • "What Happened During the Ice Storm" by Jim Heynen
  • "Ten Ways of Looking at Pheasant Hunting in Southwestern Minnesota" by Joe Paddock
  • "Rivers of the Coteau des Prairies" by Thomas Waters
  • "A Story About My Father" by Robert Bly
  • "Pro Patria" by Tim O'Brien

Crossings Press, 2000

Price: $10.00

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