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To Call it Home: The New Immigrants of Southwestern Minnesota

By Joseph A. Amato and Anthony Amato

NewcomersTo Call it Home serves the practical purposes of regional leaders by offering comprehensive knowledge of the newest wave of immigrants to southwestern Minnesota-Africans, Asians, and Hispanics. It responds to such questions as who the newcomers are, why they came, and what they experience upon arrival here. Special attention is paid to matters of social services, housing, school, and crime. The book seeks a comparative understanding of migrations patterns and the different experiences of several food-processing cities in southwestern Minnesota.

"It is excellent. Just what is needed. It provides essential empirical data, but beyond that it brings a historical perspective and ethical/political sensibility to bear on the subject. I appreciate the differentiation among immigrant groups, towns, and even employers which is needed to transcend abstractions and stereotypes. Strong analysis, lean prose, a good piece of work. Bravo!"

-Rudolph J. Vecoli
Director of the immigration History Research Center
University of Minnesota

Crossings Press, 1996

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