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Community of Strangers: Change, Turnover, Turbulence and the Transformation of a Midwestern Country Town

By Joseph A. Amato and John Radzilowski

StrangersIn the tradition of two previous works dealing with the region, The Decline of Rural Minnesota and To Call It Home: The New Immigrants of Southwestern Minnesota, the authors have again focused their attention in this volume on change in contemporary rural Minnesota. Community of Strangers examines the business history of Marshall, a southwestern Minnesota regional center. It surveys accelerating change, turnover, turbulence, and the current transformation of this prairie town and its surrounding region, conditions that have both relevance and repercussions for all of contemporary rural America. Anticipating future projects of Southwest State University's Center for Rural and Regional Studies and the Society for the Study of Local and Regional History, Community of Strangers has taken another step in documenting contemporary rural change, a period rivaled in intensity of change only by the settlement period itself.

Crossings Press, 1999

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