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Fifty-three Taiwanese Students Pursue MBA at SMSU

Published Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Taiwanese Students Pursue MBA at SMSU
Taiwanese Students Pursue MBA at SMSU

Fifty-three MBA students from Taiwan have arrived on campus and will be completing their master’s degree at SMSU over the next year.

“It’s an accelerated program,” explained Cori Ann Dahlager, director of the School of Graduate Studies. “They will take 9 credits this fall semester, 9 credits in the spring semester, and 6 in the summer of 2016.” The students will return to Taiwan, with their SMSU Master’s in Business Administration degree in hand, in August 2016.

This is the third group of Taiwanese students to attend SMSU for their MBA degree, and by far the largest. The students come from five colleges in Taiwan.

“We have two other colleges in Taiwan who want to be a part of this, so we are hoping that this collaborative arrangement grows,” said Dahlager.

The students were accompanied by six staff members from Taiwan, who will return there after the students get settled at SMSU.

 “We’re happy that this partnership is working out,” said Dahlager. “SMSU is the type of institution they were looking for, and we hope to grow this partnership in the future.”

She said that SMSU and some Taiwan colleges are currently discussing other ways to academically collaborate. “There’s interest in a couple of other academic areas,” she said. “SMSU is the type of university they like — it’s safe, it has a family feel to it, and it’s challenging academically.”

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