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SMSU Theatre's Second Production is Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'

Published Friday, October 27, 2017

Rehearsal of 'Hamlet'
Rehearsal of 'Hamlet'

The second show of SMSU Theatre's 50th anniversary season is Shakespeare's classic tragedy, Hamlet. Performances are Nov. 14-18 at 7:30 p.m. and Nov. 19 at 2 p.m. Show tickets are $10 and are available at, with limited tickets available at the door. All performances are in the SMSU Black Box Theatre (Fine Arts 112), with free parking available in lot B-1. All performances are free to SMSU students with a valid student ID.

Perhaps Shakespeare's most famous tragedy, Hamlet explores the consequences of a corrupt, dysfunctional family and state, the toxic tension between appearance and reality, the drive for revenge and the challenges of following through with it.

SMSU's energetic, streamlined production aims to clarify and heighten the key elements of this complex tragedy, offering audiences new insights and understanding. An added twist is that roles will shift from actor to actor, so throughout the performance several different actors will play Hamlet, as well as the other characters in the show.

Hamlet is directed by Professor of Theatre Nadine Purvis Schmidt of Estelline, S.D.., who is also the producer. Assistant Professor of Theatre and SMSU Theatre Arts alumnus Mike Lenz of Cottonwood, Minn., is the scenic, lighting, and sound designer and technical director. Professor of Theatre Sheila Tabaka of Marshall, Minn., is the costume designer. Jenna Miller, a senior Theatre Arts major from Marshall, Minn., is the stage manager. The ensemble cast and major crew include:

Kristen Barnhardt, a junior Disability Advocacy in New Media major from Sioux Falls, S.D.
Morgan Benson, a senior Theatre Arts major from Tracy, Minn. Benson is also the Publicity Manager.
Alexander Castro, a community member from Marshall, Minn.
Amanda Castro, a community member from Marshall, Minn.
Sariah Cheadle, a junior English major with minors in Theatre and Coaching, from Fulda, Minn.
Leah Graham, a junior Theatre Arts major from Sebeka, Minn.
Thomas Knudson, a senior Theatre Arts major from Walnut Grove, Minn.
Danny McDonnell, a junior Theatre Arts and Elementary Education double major from Jordan, Minn.
Jonathan Raatz, a junior Social Work major from Willmar, Minn.
Jaylee Schanus, a junior Theatre Arts major from Willmar, Minn.
Malorie Hudson, a junior Early Childhood Education major and Theatre Arts minor from Rochester, Minn., is the house manager.

For more information, please call the Theatre Office at (507) 537-7103. 

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