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Sam Lund Talks About Finding His Stride

Published Friday, January 19, 2024

Sam Lund
Sam Lund

Sam Lund grew up in Buffalo, Minnesota. He came to SMSU with the intentions of completing some of the general requirements and then transfer his sophomore year. But the community here hooked him and SMSU is now his home away from home.

“Here at SMSU I have never felt alone, and if I need help, I knew I could find it. The students I met added to the feeling of home that the faculty and staff created for me,” said Sam. “Toward the end of my freshman year, the idea of transferring out was no longer appealing.”

Sam admits he started out as a bit of a loner. As a new freshman, he didn’t really know anyone outside of his advisor and the counselors who helped with his admission. His high school friends went to colleges around the Twin Cities or out of state. And since he was planning to transfer to pursue a pre-medicine degree, he didn’t see the need to connect too much.

“My admissions counselors stayed in touch with me and pushed the idea of joining the ambassadors program. I applied, interviewed, and was offered a position. Joining the ambassadors allowed me to meet new people and grow my confidence,” said Sam. “Eventually, I branched out of my comfort zone and joined many new clubs, made lifelong friendships, grew relationships with my professors and staff here at SMSU, and many business and city officials across the Marshall community.”

Sam’s engagement and confidence continued to grow thanks to his involvement and increasing connections across campus. This influenced his decision to take a chance. He ran for student senate and was elected. Then, he ran for vice president of the Student Association and was elected to that position as well. Finally, he ran and was elected the Student Body President, a position he has held this year as a senior. Finding his voice has helped him be a voice for others who may have started out just like he did.

“The freshman me who sat in his dorm would have never pictured myself giving tours to incoming students. The freshman me would have never pictured running for student senate or vice president,” said Sam. “All my achievements were all opportunities that opened to me just for stepping up, stepping out, and making connections.”

As Student Body President, Sam was able to speak to the incoming class of students in August. It’s an opportunity he doesn’t take lightly. He shared his journey with the students and showed them what lies ahead for them as the newest members of the Mustang Family.

“I talk about how I started out at SMSU and where I’ve ended up. Life does not give an overview of your careers, lives, and efforts. I want them to know it’s important to remember that the work you do is building up to something great,” he said. “People early on showed me that I could get to where I wanted to be by stepping outside my comfort zone. Taking risks and failing once in a while are good lessons for us when we’re students. Because those stumbles are what help you finally hit your stride.”

His experiences also influenced him to change his career plans from medicine. Now, he is a Political Science and Justice Administration major, minoring in Pre-Law and Public Administration. Sam hopes to go on to law school after he graduates from SMSU in 2024.

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