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Feed A Mustang Collection Totals Are In!

Published Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Jen Goblish, Theresa Sumerfelt, Vickie Abel, Yordanos Gebreselasse, and Jim Smalley.
Jen Goblish, Theresa Sumerfelt, Vickie Abel, Yordanos Gebreselasse, and Jim Smalley.

The latest Feed a Mustang Food Drive conducted by SMSU staff and faculty received 242.4 pounds of food, 83 pounds of school supplies, cleaning supplies, and personal items (totaling 325.4 pounds raised) and with $684 raised (so far) through the SMSU Foundation's M4L Day campaign for the Mustang Market!

Financial donations will be taken through the M4L Day site through April 25. If the $1,500 goal is reached, there will be a $1,000 match for the Mustang Market! To support the Mustang Market during M4L Day:

Financial donations should be given through the M4L Day link at This can be done through M4L Day on April 25 to count toward the Faculty/Staff donations.  When the Mustang Market reaches $1,500 in contributions, a bonus of $1,000 will be unlocked to further support the Mustang Market. Consider giving on April 25 and donations will be eligible for bonuses available on M4L Day only.

Another way that SMSU faculty and staff can donate to the Mustang Market is via payroll deduction.  These payroll deductions will count toward Mustang Market if the donor indicates this on the payroll deduction form. Those who begin a new payroll deduction of $4 per pay period or those who currently have a payroll deduction and increase by $2 will have the opportunity to be randomly selected to have one of the M4L Day funds receive $500! Payroll deductions will need to be submitted by the end of April 30, 2024, to be eligible.

The form to start a new payroll deduction is

The form to increase an existing payroll deduction is



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