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Cowan Award Nominations 2020

Posted from Friday, January 31, 2020 through Monday, March 16, 2020

The Cowan Award Nomination Form for 2020 is now available on the Academic Deans’ Office web page at: or in the Academic Deans’ Office in BA 268.

Dr. Cathy Cowan served as Psychology professor at SMSU from 1989 until her untimely death in December 2001. During her time at SMSU, Cathy served as Chairperson of the Social Science Department and was active in SmSUFA (IFO Union). Cathy also served the community and was known for her work ethic and “doing good for others." After her untimely death, the SMSU community sought a way to honor Dr. Cowan’s outstanding service to the University and the region. The Cowan Award was then created. The award is presented each year during the Mustang Ovations event to an individual of the SMSU community who represents the many special qualities of the late Dr. Cathy Cowan.

Nominations for this award may come from students, faculty, staff, administrators, and members of the local or regional community. Nominees must be a current SMSU employee with a minimum of five years of service to SMSU. Self-nominations or anonymous nominations are not accepted. Previous nominees are eligible for re-nomination; however, previous recipients cannot be re-nominated. Questions regarding nomination or the award process can be directed to Dr. Pat Brace, Cowan Award Committee, at: or hone: 507-537-7456.
Completed applications are due in the Academic Deans’ Office by 4:30 p.m. on MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2020.

— Dr. Pat Brace

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