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Workday Cutover Dates

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Posted from Wednesday, May 22, 2024 through Friday, July 05, 2024

Dear Campus Community,

We are bringing to you some changes to the Workday Cutover Dates, Timelines, and Deadlines associated with the transition of  HCM and Finance to the Workday platform as of July 1. Key dates below give our campus staff time for processing your transactions. If you should have any questions please contact George Bass or one of the Business Services staff members who work with the specific task.

Thank you for your assistance in this transitions. We understand deadlines are tight and these are changes to long standing processes. Assistance with the  tasks in Workday such as requisitions, business expenses, and purchasing card processing will be planned for early July. These processes are new to all of us and we will work to assist each other in our learning process.

Please remember there are job aids, videos, and other tools on the Friends of Next Gen SharePoint site to help with the transitions.  Friends of Next Gen  

Thank you,

Deb Kerkaert, VP of Finance

Key Workday Cutover Dates:

Now through Friday May 31 – Requisitions:  May 31 continues to be the deadline to submit requisitions for FY24 and FY25.  Originally we had suggested inputting FY25 requisitions that you would need in July and August.   That is still ok but we have been told it would be better to enter FY25 requisitions directly in Workday if possible.   If you have not begun entering FY25 requisitions in ISRS, please wait unless you need that requisition right away in FY25 (such as the first two weeks of July) or if you have a contract that continues from FY24 into FY25.  If you have a contract that continues, set up a new requisition in FY25 for the contract and be sure to request to have the purchase order in FY24 closed if all payments are completed in FY24.

Now through Friday June 7 - FY24 Purchase Orders/Encumbrances: Please review all your open encumbrances in FY24 – you can run the AC0519CP Open Commitments Reports for your cost centers, limit the object code range to 0900-7999 otherwise you will pull payroll encumbrances.   If you have open encumbrances that can be cancelled email Jim Mortland or Holly Lichtsinn and the accountspayable@smsu.eduemail.   The deadline for closing purchase orders is June 14 so please send your emails of purchase orders to close by June 7 so that Jim and Holly have time to complete this task

If you have purchased something with the PO, have received the items and you have not received invoices, please contact the vendor to get a copy of the invoice so that payment can be made on time. 

Friday, May 31- Business Expenses (travel expense reimbursements/advance settlements):  Please have all business expense forms and receipts turned into Business Services for processing for all completed travel and for reimbursement of any expenses personally purchased. The Business Services staff has until Friday, June 7 to process the business expense forms.  June 7 will the final day for business expense entry until Monday, June 24, when entry can again be made.  This affects the pay period on which you will receive the reimbursement. 

Friday, June 28 – Payments to Suppliers:   This date was extended from June 14 to June 28.  It is still recommended, as always, to input your invoices for payment as soon as received and approved for payment.  Please remember to have an email sent to Jim Mortland or Holly Lichtsinn and when the invoice has been uploaded in Marketplace for payment.

Friday, June 14 – Supplier Contracts:  Contracts can be completed between June 1 and June 14 for requisitions entered into Marketplace in May.  As of June 15 through July 4, contracts can be worked on but not finalized due to the inability to finalize the encumbrance after June 14 because of the Marketplace freeze. 

 *NEW* Monday, June 24 – Purchasing Cards:  Purchasing Cards transactions processed by US Bank through June 23, will be downloaded to post in FY24 in ISRS the week of June 24.  Please process your purchasing card transactions for June 9-June 23 just as you would do on a normal cycle and submit to the Business Office by the end of the work day June 25.  Starting June 24, transactions will post in Workday and must be settled in Workday when the ability to process the transactions opens on July 5.  Occurrence dates of transactions will determine which fiscal year the entries post to.  We ask that you plan ahead and use your cards only in emergency situations from June 24 to July 5 to limit the transactions during the close period in accounting and to limit those that need to post back to FY24 from Workday.

Monday, July 15 Expense Reports: All travel expense reimbursements and settlements must be submitted to the Business Office for processing for travel or expense that occurred prior to June 30. 

Monday, June 24 – Non Student Invoices and Receipts: The Last day to submit information for creating invoices to non-students to Business Office is June 24. Non-student invoicing is frozen from June 27 to July 5.  Any non-student receipts recorded after June 28 will be FY25 revenue.