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Southwest Connections Episode 11: Dr. Dan Kaiser

Dr. Dan Kaiser, Professor of Computer Science, joins the program to talk about a new Bachelor of Science Major at SMSU – Data Science. SMSU also recently added a Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity with plans of it evolving into a full Masters Degree by Fall 2021. Dr. Kaiser discusses the growing need for graduates in the fields of cybersecurity and data science.

Data Science Program:
Cybersecurity Certificate:

Time Stamps:

0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Welcome Dr. Dan Kaiser
1:30 – Career in Education
3:00 – Programs at SMSU in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department
4:30 – Data Science Program & Career Outlook
7:10 – What Industries Use Data Science Majors
8:50 – What Skills Are Needed to be Successful?
10:00 – Cybersecurity
13:00 – Pre-requisites for a Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity
14:20 – Timeline for the Masters Degree in Cybersecurity
15:00 – Expectations of the Program
17:00 – Contacting the Mathematics & Computer Science Department
17:30 – Why SMSU?
19:10 – Next Guests: Paige Ahrendt & Jackson Vierstraete

Published: Thursday, April 01, 2021

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