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Past Library Research Award Winners from the SMSU URC

Past Library Research Award Winners from SMSU
Year Best Oral Presentation Best Poster Presentation
Name Title Discipline Name Title Discipline

Mckenzie Bezel

Stress as a cause of hypothyroidism Biology (Advisors Vaughn Gehle and Sandy Craner) Sariah Cheadle The SMSU Writing Center: Then and Now Fine Arts and Communication (Advisors Sheila Tabaka, Fine Arts and Communication & Dr. Ruthe Thompson, English

Rhiannon Sears

The Role of the Immune System in Parkinson’s Disease Biology Samson Chen Complex Analysis Calculator Computer Science
2015 Rebecca Sommer Small Interfering RNA as the Silver Bullet for Cancer Biology Tiffany Gehl Diet and Body Composition of SMSU Women’s Basketball Team Exercise Science
2014 Hanifah Abdullah Sulfide Mining in Northeast Minnesota:  Costs and Benefits Political Science Mark Jankowski, Brittany Lade, Greta Jeska & Rachel Trueblood Comparing visual and auditory memory in college students with different learning styles Psychology
2013 Hannah Beeler Evaluation of Land Snail Populations in Deciduous and Coniferous Forests in the SMSU Wildlife Area Environmental Science Cadie Meyer The Role of Eyes and Eyebrows in Facial Recognition Psychology
2012 Brooke Burmeister Effects of Barley Extract on the  Growth of Algae Spirogyra, Synedra and Ankistrodesmus Environmental Science

Molly Manthe


Jenna Carlson

A Potential Molecular Mechanism for Asthma 

Effects and Prevention of Accumulation of Cadmium with Regard to Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration




2011 Joshua Straub Saints, Sinners, and Suffering: An Analysis of the Medieval Church’s Attitude Towards the Disabled History Tiffany Zins IFRS vs U.S. GAAP Convergence Timeline Accounting
2010 Ashley Vickerman The Effects of Praise on Development: Are We Creating Narcissistic Children? Psychology Aaron Peterson

The Advantages of a Pharmacological Approach vs. a Light Reduction Approach in Treatment of Retinitis

2009 Jessica Welu, Eric Boerboom,  and Maxon Keating Reducing Power Consumption Scientific and Technical Writing (English) Timothy Gerrety Roman Portraiture Art History
2008 Kristina Paczkowski Mosaics at Piazza Armerina, Sicily Art History Laura Steichen Preventing Periodontitis Associated Alveolar Bone Loss Using Antigen-based Porphyromonas gingivalis Vaccines Containing Cholera Toxin Biology
2007 Eric Iszler Anti-Predator Responses by Bluegill Sunfish (Lepomis macrochirus) Exposed to Predator Odors Environmental Science Lindsay Crowell The Role of Dopamine on Obesity Biology
Steven Moran Roman Aqueducts: Moving Life to the Masses Art History Julie Pohlman Impact of Self-selected
Literature on Boys' Attitudes Toward Reading

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