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To provide a unique culinary experience to our community showcasing locally-sourced products in a student-centered, inclusive learning environment at Southwest Minnesota State University.

Value Statement:

We offer a student-driven, community-sourced, alumni-supported, one-of-a-kind dining experience.


To be the best dining experience of its kind and to make SMSU the first-choice for culinology and hospitality management programs.

Guests at Taste will be treated to a four course meal at an all-inclusive price of $32. The menu will showcase locally sourced, seasonal ingredients with patrons having a choice of several entrees on a weekly basis.

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Taste is closed until Fall Semester. Thank you for your support!

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Taste will be at Worldfest!

Worldfest is a celebration of international cultures and local diversity through education, food, arts, and cultural performances.

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Chef Ronald Walker

Welcome from the Chef Ronald Walker:

I invite everyone to experience TASTE at SMSU! We are excited to showcase the work of SMSU students, from the talented Culinology and Hospitality Management students I have the privilege of working every day to students with a passion for food and hospitality who represent a variety of academic disciplines from across campus.

My goal for Taste is to provide an environment that allows the students to show off their skills and creativity in a real-world setting. Our students take a hands-on approach to planning, preparing, and serving fresh, flavorful dishes that you cannot find anywhere else in the area. We know that our unique TASTE will keep your appetite hungering for more.

We are also working hard to make dishes that include community and alumni sourced ingredients wherever possible, to help build exciting partnerships through this project.

Again, I invite you to come on out and TASTE the excitement!

Chef Ronnie

Spring 2022 Featured Student Chefs

Eudora Bixby

Featured: 2/17 Thru 2/18

  • Sophomore
  • Majoring in Culinology
  • Hometown of Chanhassen, Minnesota

Amberlynn Morgan

Featured: 2/24 Thru 2/25

  • Senior
  • Majoring in Culinology
  • Hometown of Shakopee, Minnesota

Jess Krueger

Featured: 3/3 Thru 3/4

  • Sophomore
  • Majoring in Hospitality Management
  • Hometown of Pender, Nebraska

Megan Line

Featured: 3/31 Thru 4/1

  • Junior
  • Majoring in Culinology & History
  • Hometown of Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Robin Clark

Featured: 4/7 Thru 4/8

  • Sophomore
  • Majoring in Culinology
  • Hometown of Blaine, Minnesota

Aiden Engstrom

Featured: 4/14 Thru 4/15

  • Sophomore
  • Majoring in Culinology
  • Hometown of Mountain House, California

Noah Louwagie

Featured: 4/21 Thru 4/22

  • Senior
  • Majoring in Hospitality
  • Hometown of Mountain House, California