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Affirmative Action Methods


Pre-employment Review

State law governing affirmative action programs requires Southwest Minnesota State University to establish methods of auditing, evaluating and reporting program success. This includes a procedure for pre-employment review of all hiring decisions for units where underutilization currently exits.

Appendixes D and E are the campus procedures for the recruitment and hiring of faculty and unclassified staff. These procedures are distributed to departments seeking to fill unclassified positions and provide opportunities for ongoing dialogue between the AAO and search committees and also include a pre-hire review.

Campus Procedures for the selection process for classified positions are attached as Appendix F and provide opportunities for ongoing dialogue between the AAO, Department Head and search committees and also include a pre-hire review.

Procedure for Reviewing Layoffs

Southwest Minnesota State University will make lay-off determinations consistent with applicable collective bargaining agreements and personnel plans. Proposed layoff decisions will be reviewed by the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Officer to evaluate their effect on Southwest Minnesota State University's affirmative action program.

Recordkeeping and Evaluation

The Office of Human Resources staff records data regarding all hires on the Monitoring the Hiring Process Forms.

The Office of Human Resources staff maintains all search materials in the central files of the Office of Human Resources, and includes:

  • Search Affirmative Action Plan and any related written comments
  • Purchase orders for recruitment fees paid and notes on specific recruitment activities
  • Search evaluation documentation 
  • Search Affirmative Action Reports
  • ADA complaints

The AAO staff maintains documentation relating to all Affirmative Action complaints.

Yearly discussions among the office of Human Resources staff will determine the success and/or additional requirements for the Affirmative Action Program.

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