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Submit a Sexual Violence Complaint

Submit a Complaint (Sexual Assault, Stalking, Relationship Violence)

Southwest Minnesota State University encourages those who have experienced any form of sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking and/or dating/relationship violence to report the incident to the University Public Safety office. If you would like to file a separate report to law enforcement, you may do so at any time by dialing 911.

To Submit a Complaint:

All reports will be held in strict confidence and are anonymous unless you share your identity. As you submit your report, please know that our ability to most thoroughly investigate any complaint is dependent on the information you provide. Providing details about the location, whether you are a student/employee, and the nature of the incident will enable us to most effectively address the matter you are reporting.

Submit Complaint

Michael J. Munford
Director of Public Safety Title IX Investigator
Founder's Hall 116 Southwest Minnesota State University

David E. Hemp
Assistant Director of Public Safety Title IX Investigator
Founder's Hall 120 Southwest Minnesota State University

Laura O’Rourke
Executive Director of HR
BA 269

Sexual assault and some other forms of sexual misconduct can be both a criminal offense as well as a violation of the Minnesota State/SMSU 1B.3/1B.1 policies. A student or employee alleged to have engaged in a sexual assault can be prosecuted under Minnesota criminal statutes and/or disciplined under the 1B.1.1/1B.3.1 or applicable employment procedures. Criminal proceedings and University proceedings are separate processes with independent outcomes.

Support and Resources for Sexual Violence Survivors

If you have been a victim of sexual violence.....

  • Do you want to report the crime with law enforcement?
    • Emergency - 911
    • Marshall Police, 507-537-7000, 611 W Main St., Marshall, MN
  • Do you want to go the hospital?
    • Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center - 507-532-9661, 300 S Bruce St., Marshall, MN
  • Do you want to talk to someone?
  • Do you want to file a complaint with the University?
    • University Public Safety - 507-537-7252, FH 1st Floor
    • Title IX Coordinator - 507-537-7500, BA 269

Southwest Minnesota State University follows the following policies regarding sexual violence, discrimination and harassment:

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