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Safety Escorts

The Public Safety Department provides a safety escort program for students, employees, and guests whose circumstances require them to travel alone on campus, in isolated areas after dark, during times of low activity on campus or whenever there is concern for one's own personal safety.

Hours of Operation:

The service operates seven nights a week from dusk to dawn.

How to Request a Safety Escort:

  • Call 507-537-7252 at the desired time of transportation
  • Provide your first name
  • Give your current location, desired destination location
  • Prepare to be ready when Public Safety arrives

Because of the various patrol functions required of the officers, there may sometimes be a short waiting period. Waiting times may vary depending on the number of calls and the locations of the escorts.

Please note the following:

  • Safety Escort procedure requires that (beginning and ending) destination be on-campus.
  • Be sure to find a safe, well-lit location to wait for the escort.

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