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Training and Development

Employee Development Philosophy Statement

We are committed to developing the talents of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities' employees. We value our employees and understand that continuous learning benefits the entire system by developing and maintaining employee skills that link directly to achieving organizational goals and objectives. Supporting successful leaders at all levels also builds institutional capacity to better serve our students and our communities. This commitment is realized as a shared responsibility between each employee and each college, university, or the system office.

Code of Conduct Training

Classified Training and Development Program

Classified staff development funds for reimbursement of training activities are available on a limited basis.  Complete a Training Request Form and submit it to the Human Resource Office for approval of training reimbursement.  The training should be beneficial both to the University and the employee, and in most cases, should have some direct relationship to position duties.

Tuition Waver

Tuition wavier is a benefit available for eligible employees, their spouses and dependent children.

Eligible employees are:

  • IFO full time and part time probationary or tenured faculty employed for academic year.
  • MSUAASF and MnSCU Administrators
  • Council 6, MMA, MAPE, Confidential and Managerial full-time and part-time unlimited and seasonal employees with three or more consecutive years of service within the university system.

Eligible employees may obtain a tuition waiver form from the Human Resource Office. This form should be completed and submitted to the Business Office.

Unclassified Professional Development Programs

IFO employees are allocated a specific amount for professional development activities. See the IFO collective bargaining agreement for more information

MSUAASF employees qualify for Professional Improvement Fund (PIF) grants. See MSUAASF collective bargaining agreement for more information.

Staff Development Day provides an opportunity for SMSU staff to attend a variety of sessions related to professional development.  Our first Staff Development Day was on May 30, 2007.

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