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Tuition Waiver

Online Tuition Waiver System for Employees

All requests for tuition waivers for employees must be submitted through the Online Tuition Waiver System.

Minnesota State matrix of tuition waiver benefits based on bargaining agreement/plan

How to Login

Refer to the Tuition Waiver Quick Reference Guide for additional help in logging in and using the system

Things to Remember

  •  Always click on "Logout" (in the upper right corner) to ensure that no one else can access your records.
  • Tuition waiver deadline is 10 days after the course begins.  Waivers entered after that date will not be approved or processed.
  • A tuition waiver must be completed for each semester.
  • Check back in the Tuition Waiver System to see when the waiver is processed by Human Resources.
  • Tuition waiver eligibility is based on the academic year (fall, spring, summer).  Eligibility starts over in the fall and unused previous academic credits are not carried forward.
  • Make sure you or your dependent check billing information to ensure your tuition waiver gets processed in a timely manner.
  • You can make the following changes to tuition waivers:
    1. Change in level (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral) and
    2. change in the number of credits.
    These changes can be made at any time (before Human Resources processes it, or after). Human Resources will be alerted of changes made to Tuition Waivers. If there are changes that need to be made other than level or number of credits, the tuition waiver must be canceled and re-entered.

For more information, access the Minnesota State Tuition Waiver Guideline and Interpretation

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