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Community Voices, February 2017

This time of year marks the mid-point of the Spring Semester and for many students, the finish line for completing that college degree is in sight.  Graduation is just around the corner and securing the first job out of college becomes a top priority.  The Career Services department at SMSU plays an integral role in assisting students through their job search.  Whether it be preparing resumes and cover letters, practicing for interviews or networking with potential employers, Career Services provides a tremendous array of services to our SMSU students.

To ensure that we are meeting the needs of our students, SMSU annually surveys graduates within six months of graduation to determine their employment status.  Students are also asked if they are continuing their education though graduate school. I am proud to say that our latest employment report shows that 99% of our graduates are employed with 93% reporting that they are employed within their degree-related fields. This speaks volumes about the quality of our graduates and the value of their educational experiences at SMSU.

The post-graduation employment success for our students does not just happen when they are seniors. Career services actively assists students through the career development process during their entire time at SMSU.  We help by providing career assessments, part-time job and internship placements, and dozens of networking opportunities with alumni and employers from around the country and the world.

One such recent event on campus entitled, “Coffee and Careers,” connected students with alumni and employers. Career Services and the STAT organization, “Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow”, hosted the event.  The afternoon featured three different panel discussions.  “Mustangs Around the World,” saw alumni from the United Kingdom, Sweden, California and Panama speak via video about their careers outside the United States.  A second panel focused on “Careers in Service,” and featured both employers and alumni that represented service-related careers such as the Peace Corps and the U.S. Department of State. The final panel entitled, “Life After College,” gave students practical advice about financial well-being and social responsibility.  These panels along with sessions on the use of social media and personal branding were a great opportunity for our students to learn more about what employers are looking for and how each student can grow in their own career development process.

We are very proud of the many accomplishments of our alumni and the potential of all of our graduates as they work toward successful careers.  To learn more about engaging our students through internship and employment opportunities, please contact our Career Services department at (507)537-6221 or online at .  SMSU graduates are accomplishing great things – I encourage you to reach out and ask one or two to join you company or organization!

Published in the Marshall Independent, Saturday, February 25, 2017.

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