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SMSU Senior Art Exhibition, Fall 2020



Sarah Birdsall

Artist Statement:

As an artist I am most inspired by nature and more often than not, that shows through in my work whether it be directly through themes and visuals, or indirectly through colors and patterns. Nature has always been a big part of my life in general. I grew up on a farm and am the youngest of four, so I spent a lot of my childhood roaming around outside in the trees by myself. This solitude always brought me peace and happiness and really shaped who I am as a person and an artist.

 When creating any type of art, my work process usually starts off with a broad idea in my head that I attempt to sketch out on paper. Most of the time, however, it is during the actual creation process that the majority of my ideas come to fruition. I am very much a hands-on creator and find most of my inspiration for projects while I am producing them. I love to include visuals as much as possible in my work because those are the things that I personally respond to the most. I also try to keep things neat and organized because while chaos has its place in art, I have always preferred a clean and consistent look in my art.

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Cody Dudgeon


Sabrina Pankratz

Artist Statement:

As I’ve gotten older, I have been characterized as a bold personality and it is often reflected within my studio and graphics works. This goes hand in hand with my interest in bold color palettes and typography. My main goal when producing any art is to follow these inspirations and explore every option.

During my creation process, I often create ten to twenty thumbnail sketches before expanding any certain sketch further. Once all my ideas are on paper, I expand two or three sketches, whether that be on the computer or with studio materials. From there I make any further decisions within the production. This allows me to generate professional works with the use of graphic design and studio arts.

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