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Laser Projection System

The SMSU Planetarium has a new full-dome LASER projection system!
...and a new lineup of full-dome laser shows.

Legends of the Night Sky

Perseus and Andromeda


Legends of the Night Sky takes a light-hearted and imaginative look at the myths and stories associated with the Constellations. This show is 20 minutes of full dome laser fun and at the same time teaches kids and adults the Greek stories about the stars.  Legends of the Night Sky is narrated by two wonderful characters, Aesop the owl and Socrates the mouse. They provide the night time "classroom" atmosphere with comedy and wit. Based on constellations viewed in the fall sky, Perseus and Andromeda is a story filled with humorous and exciting characters including Pegasus, the winged horse; Cetus, the sea monster; Perseus, the mighty warrior; and the fearsome monster Medusa. This entertaining tale is designed to engage the audience and stimulate interest in learning about the night sky.

Legends of the Night Sky

Accompanied by narrators Aesop the owl and Socrates the mouse, we follow Orion's adventures as he grows to manhood, battles mythical beasts, foils the plot of an evil king and wins the heart of Artemis, the beautiful moon-goddess. By the end of the story, we learn how the constellation Orion was placed in the sky, forever turning overhead throughout the seasons.

Paradigm Shifts
A brief exploration of the Universe through Space and Time

This beautifully done show covers how humanity's thinking has shifted as revolutions in astronomy reshaped man's  perceptions.  Broken into three parts:  MYTHS & MODELS takes a brief look at how the ancient Egyptians believed the Sun god Ra was carried across the sky by boat and the night goddess Nut arched her starry body over the Earth.  The ancient Greeks named some of the constellations and came up with a heavenly order that consisted of crystalline spheres centered on the immovable Earth.  THE NEW UNIVERSE presents how Copernicus challenges 1,000 years of thought by placing the Sun at the center and the Earth as just one of several planets circling the Sun.  Later humanity comes to know that the Sun is just one star in a local group of stars in orbit within the Milkyway galaxy, and the Milkyway is a member of a local group of galaxies and the local group of galaxies is part of a cluster and clusters form into super clusters.  TIME & BEYOND briefly highlights that our universe is always changing, stars evolve and some explode and even form into black holes.



  1. Karn Evil 9  Emerson--Lake & Palmer
  2. Head Over Feet--Alanis Morrisette
  3. Rock Lobster--the B-52's
  4. Firestarter--Prodigy
  5. Under the Milkyway--the Church
  6. Papua New Guinea--Future Sounds of London
  7. Spiderwebs--No Doubt
  8. Foreplay--Boston
  9. Champagne--Supernova Oasis
  10. End of the World (As We Know It)--REM
  11. Torn--Creed
  12. Smells Like Teen Spirit--Nirvana
  13. One of These Days--Pink Floyd

Total Running Time (approx): 45:00 minutes


Laser Magic

  1. Santorini--Yanni
  2. Godzilla--Blue Oyster Cult
  3. Love Gets Me Every Time--Shania Twain
  4. Men In Black--Will Smith
  5. My Heart Will Go On--Celine Dion
  6. Storms In Africa--Enya
  7. Money--Pink Floyd
  8. Semi-Charmed Life--Third Eye Blind
  9. Time Warp--cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show
  10. Diana (Candle In The Wind '97)--Elton John
  11. Don't Speak--No Doubt
  12. The Hunter--Björk
  13. I Love Rock & Roll--Joan Jett
  14. Rock Lobster--the B-52's
  15. Tub Thumping--Chumbawamba

Total Running Time (approx): 45:00 minutes


Fright Light
Long Version Soundtrack

  1. Thriller--Michael Jackson
  2. Godzilla--Blue Oyster Cult
  3. Monster Medley
      - Monster Mash
      - Purple People Eater
      - Werewolves of London
      - Boris the Spider
    Boris Pickett, Sheb Wooley, Warren Zevon, the Who
  4. Feed My Frankenstein--Alice Cooper
  5. Men In Black--Will Smith
  6. Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters--Weird Al Yankovic
  7. Firestarter--Prodigy
  8. Dead Man's Party--Oingo Boingo
  9. Iron Man--Black Sabbath
  10. Another Brick in the Wall--Pink Floyd
  11. Push It--Garbage
  12. Devil Went Down to Georgia--Charlie Daniels Band
  13. Enter Sandman--Metallica
  14. Frankenstein--Edgar Winters Group

Total Running Time (approx): 45:00 minutes

Frightened Cat

Laser Mania

You'll be "Livin La Vida Loca" with this festive, upbeat laser light show featuring a variety of songs by popular artists like Sting, Ricky Martin, Celine Dion and more!

  1. Mortal Combat Theme--the Immortals
  2. Blue--Eiffel 65
  3. Smooth--Santana
  4. Man, I Feel Like A Woman--Shania Twain
  5. That's the Way It Is--Celine Dion
  6. Desert Rose--Sting
  7. Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters--Weird Al Yankovic
  8. Mixed Bizness--Beck
  9. Livin' La Vida Loca--Ricky Martin
  10. All the Small Things--Blink 182

Total Running Time (approx): 30:00 minutes

Abstract Laser


  1. Summon the Heroes--John Williams
  2. Beautiful Day--U2
  3. Music Madonna
  4. Beatles Medley--The Beatles
  5. Reach--Gloria Estefan
  6. Santorini--Yanni
  7. Birds Fly--Icicle Works
  8. Carry On Wayward Son--Kansas
  9. Patriotic Medley--Aaron Copland & Lee Greenwood
    (Fanfare For the Common Man, America the Beautiful, God Bless the USA)

Total Running Time (approx): 45:00 minutes

John Wayne

Laser Holidays

  1. Sleigh Ride -- Leroy Anderson
  2. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy -- Tchaikovsky
  3. Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer -- Burl Ives
  4. Winter Wonderland -- Eurythmics
  5. Deck the Halls -- Philharmonic Orchestra
  6. Jingle Bell Rock -- Randy Travis
  7. White Christmas -- Bing Crosby
  8. Christmastime -- Smashing Pumpkins
  9. Oiche Chiun (Silent Night) -- Enya
  10. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree -- Ronnie Spector/Darlene Love
  11. Frosty the Snowman -- Cocteau Twins
  12. Carol of the Bells -- David Foster
  13. The Christmas Song -- Nat King Cole
  14. All I Want For Christmas Is You -- Mariah Carey
  15. We Wish You A Merry Christmas -- James Galway

Total Running Time (approx): 45:00 minutes

Holiday Laser

Laser X - The Alternative Experience

  1. Lost--Stabbing Westward
  2. Bulls On Parade--Rage Against the Machine
  3. Zero--Smashing Pumpkins
  4. Park Avenue--Girl Against Boys
  5. Monkey Wrench--Foo Fighters
  6. Would--Alice In Chains
  7. Push It--Garbage
  8. Sunshower--Chris Cornell
  9. Guilty--Gravity Kills
  10. Shame--Stabbing Westward
  11. Block Rockin' Beats--the Chemical Brothers
  12. Du Hast--Rammstein
  13. More Human Than Human--White Zombie

Total Running Time (approx): 45:00 minutes

Laser Sax


  1. Lunatic Fringe--Red Rider
  2. Everybody Wants To Rule the World--Tears for Fears
  3. Message In A Bottle--the Police
  4. Blue Monday--New Order
  5. Rio--Duran Duran
  6. Life In A Northern Town--the Dream Academy
  7. Never Let Me Down Again--Depeche Mode
  8. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)--Eurythmics
  9. Just Like Heaven--the Cure
  10. She Blinded Me With Science--Thomas Dolby
  11. Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)--Icicle Works
  12. New Sensation--INXS
  13. Relax--Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Total Running Time (approx): 45:00 minutes

Laser Abstract


  1. Trip Like I Do--the Crystal Method
  2. Love Island--Fat Boy Slim
  3. Insomnia--Faithless
  4. Narayan--Prodigy
  5. Joga--Björk
  6. Silence--Delerium
  7. Music:Response--the Chemical Brothers
  8. Acid 8000--Fat Boy Slim
  9. Comin' Back--the Crystal Method
  10. Setting Sun--the Chemical Brothers

Total Running Time (approx): 45:00 minutes

Laser Zeppelin

Featuring 11 of the most popular Led Zeppelin songs ever released, Laser Zeppelin will definitely satisfy Zeppelin fans. Enjoy this fantastic visual experience accompanied by "Stairway to Heaven", "Immigrant Song", "Kashmir" and more!

  1. Song Remains the Same
  2. Over the Hills and Far Away
  3. Good Times, Bad Times
  4. Immigrant Song
  5. No Quarter
  6. Black Dog
  7. Livin', Lovin' Maid
  8. Kashmir
  9. Stairway to Heaven
  10. Whole Lotta Love
  11. Rock -n- Roll

Total Running Time (approx): 45:00 minutes

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon

Journey to the Dark Side of the Moon with one of the most popular laser shows of all time. See mesmerizing, kaleidoscopic imagery and computer graphics choreographed to an all time classic.

  1. Speak to Me
  2. Breathe
  3. On the Run
  4. Time
  5. The Great Gig in the Sky
  6. Money
  7. Us and Them
  8. Any Colour You Like
  9. Brain Damage
  10. Eclipse

Total Running Time (approx): 45:00 minutes

Pink Floyd's The Wall

  1. In the Flesh
  2. The Thin Ice
  3. Another Brick in the Wall (Part I)
  4. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
  5. Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)
  6. Mother
  7. Goodbye Blue Sky
  8. Empty Spaces
  9. Young Lust
  10. Another Brick in the Wall (Part III)
  11. Hey You
  12. Comfortably Numb
  13. Stop
  14. The Trial
  15. Run Like Hell

Total Running Time (approx): 45:00 minutes

Laser Beatles

Featuring many of the band's greatest hits, embark on a "Magical Mystery Tour" of brilliant laser imagery and animation.

  1. Magical Mystery Tour
  2. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
  3. Twist & Shout
  4. A Hard Day's Night
  5. Nowhere Man
  6. Help!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Octopus' Garden
  9. Revolution
  10. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/A Day In The Life

Total Running Time (approx): 30:00 minutes

Laser Metallica

  1. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  2. Ain't My B#@%$
  3. Fuel
  4. One
  5. Nothing Else Matters
  6. Master of Puppets
  7. Unforgiven II
  8. Sad But True
  9. Enter Sandman

Total Running Time (approx): 45:00 minutes

Laser U2

  1. Where the Streets Have No Name
  2. I Will Follow
  3. Beautiful Day
  4. Sunday, Bloody Sunday
  5. October
  6. The Fly
  7. Mysterious Ways
  8. Pride
  9. Zoo Station
  10. With Or Without You
  11. Desire
  12. New Year's Day
Total Running Time (approx): 45:00 minutes

Laser Vinyl

  1. Back In Black--AC/DC
  2. Karn Evil 9--ELP
  3. Jump--Van Halen
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody--Queen
  5. Carry On My Wayward Son--Kansas
  6. Rock-n-Roll All Night--Kiss
  7. Dream On--Aerosmith
  8. Rock-n-Roll Band--Boston
  9. Separate Ways--Journey
  10. One of These Days--Pink Floyd

Total Running Time (approx): 45:00 minutes

Laser Pop

  1. Pop--N'Sync
  2. Get This Party Started--Pink
  3. Beatles Medley--The Beatles
  4. I'm A Believer--Smashmouth
  5. Desert Rose--Sting
  6. Beach Boys Medley--The Beach Boys
  7. Cosmic Thing--The B52's
  8. Digital Get Down--N'Sync
  9. Kryptonite--3 Doors Down

Approx. 30 min. run time

Laser Country

  1. Ain’t Going Down (Till the Sun Comes Up)-- Garth Brooks
  2. Me and My Gang--Rascal Flatts
  3. Ring of Fire--Johnny Cash
  4. All-American Girl--Carrie Underwood
  5. Always on My Mind--Willie Nelson
  6. Devil Went Down to Georgia--Charlie Daniel’s Band
  7. Good Lord Willing--Little Big Town
  8. All My Ex’s--George Strait
  9. Crazy--Patsy Cline
  10. How Am I Doin’?--Dierks Bentley
  11. Chicken Fried--Zac Brown Band
  12. God Bless the USA--Lee Greenwood


  1. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites--Skrillex
  2. Internet Friends--Knife Party
  3. Choose Your Weapon--Deadmau5
  4. Man on the Run--Dash Berlin
  5. Energy Wizard--Squarepusher
  6. Heartbreaker (Ladiback Luke Remix)--MSTRKRFT Feat. John Legend
  7. Slam--Pendulum
  8. Levels--Avicil
  9. Derezzed (Avicii Remix)--Daft Punk
  10. Chasing Summers--Tiësto


  1. Saturn V Launch--Instrumental
  2. Happy--Pharrell
  3. Whip--Naenae Silento
  4. Party In the USA--Miley Cyrus
  5. Roar--Katy Perry
  6. Good Feeling--Flo Rida
  7. Kryptonite--3 Doors Down
  8. Fireflies--Owl City
  9. Firework--Katy Perry
  10. Power Music Medley, which includes…

    Style--Taylor Swift

    • Want to Want Me--Jason Derulo
    • Cool for Summer--Demi Lovato
    • Renegades--X Ambassadors
    • Can’t Feel My Face--The Weeknd
    • Exes and Oh’s--Elle King
    • Uma Thurman--Fall Out Boy
    • Cecilia & the Satellites--Andrew McMahon
    • Bad Blood--Taylor Swift

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