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What is a Planetarium?

Welcome to our new Planetarium Show series! We have added several new programs in recent years and retain a wide mix of live, and multimedia programs.  Our programs cover all grade levels and audience types from pre-school to college level, including family programs. In each, we are committed to providing a high-quality educational experience for you and your class. We look forward to serving you.

What is a Planetarium?

A planetarium is a theatre of the Universe. It can surround you with an accurate image of the sparkling night sky. It can show all the motions and cycles of the sky. It can create a multi-media experience with slides, video, visual effects, computer animations, narration, and music that reveal the wonders of the cosmos to you and your class or group. It can interpret the Universe in a way that appeals to both the mind and eye. The Planetarium will introduce your students to a life-long acquaintance with the sky and the Universe.  To learn more about the SMSU Planetarium click here.

Who Should Use the Planetarium?

Classes studying astronomy should visit the Planetarium. Ideally, students should make several visits over the years to experience a broad range of programs. We also encourage students and parents to attend our public shows in the evening.  Community groups are also welcome to reserve a program with the Planetarium Director.  Throughout the school year there will be planetarium shows open to the public on a variety of topics.  One of the most popular times of the year to visit the planetarium is during the Christmas Season.  Leading up to Christmas there are several public showings of Tis The Season.  Stay tuned to this website for details on public shows.

What is in a Planetarium Program?

Your visit to the planetarium will includes:

Multimedia program where the presentation of one of our recorded multimedia shows is given with a live introduction and a  Live Segment where a presentation on a selected topic (usually covering the night sky at the current time of year) using the star projector and other visual aids.  The live part can generally be adapted to the specific needs of your class.  A question-and-answer session is included in the live section.

Arrange a visit here.

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