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Exchange Programs


Southwest Minnesota State University has an existing partnership with Taylor's University in Malaysia to offer our students a wide range of study options. New partnerships with additional universities will be added in the future. On an exchange program, you will study as a visiting student in the American Degree Transfer program at Taylor's University, alongside resident students at the host institution. This is an incredible opportunity for you to interact with Malaysian students who are interested in studying at U.S. universities. Many courses from the Liberal Education Program have already been evaluated for transfer equivalencies. A small selection of those classes are listed below:

Taylor's University and Southwest Minnesota State University Equivalencies
Taylor's University Courses Southwest Minnesota State University Courses
MATH 171 Calculus 1 MATH 150 Calculus I
HIST 102 World Civilizations (from 1500) HIST 210 Contemporary World History
 STAT 230 Statistics I  STAT 200 Statistics
 BIOL 160 Biological Science (with lab)  BIOL 200, BIOL 200L Introduction to Cellular Biology with Lab
 NUTR 201 Fundamentals of Human Nutrition  EXSC 225 Nutrition
 COMM 105 Interpersonal Communication  SPCH 230 Interpersonal Communication
 MUSC 103 Introduction to Music  MUS 100 Intro to Music
 PHIL 101 Introductions to Philosophy  PHIL 100 Intro to Philosophy
 ECON 202 Microeconomics  ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics


Timeline for application to Taylor's University Student Exchange Program

For a program starting in Fall 2015, you should begin the application process in Jan 2015. The process is listed below:

  1. Start by meeting with your Advisor to identify what ADP classes you can complete at Taylor's University.
  2. Review and follow the application process outlined at Taylor's University here. Pay special attention to the requirements as listed on this form.
  3. Complete the Global Mobility Application Form.
  4. Allow 3 - 4 months for processing by Taylor's University Global Mobility Office. 
  5. Once you receive confirmation that your Visa Approval Letter (VAL) has been issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department, you can begin the process of applying for a Single Entry Visa to Malaysia.
  6. You will need to send your passport and VAL to the Malaysian Consulate in New York for the visa stamp.
  7. After receiving your passport, you may begin the process of booking your airline tickets. Remember to coordinate with the Global Mobility Office at Taylor's University regarding your arrival date and time in Malaysia.

Things you should know about the Student Exchange Program with Taylor's University:

  • Students pay the same tuition and fees to their home institutions.
  • Each institution will arrange accommodations for visiting students.  Students will be responsible for payment of accommodations. The universities will also provide meal option information. The student will be responsible for all food costs.
  • Each student must possess passports and required visas for the period of exchange.
  • No more than five exchange students from each school per semester will be permitted to enroll in courses and programs at the host institution for which they are qualified with the exception of those courses in which places may not be available due to enrollment limitations.  Acceptance into a particular program of study implies that the student will be permitted to enroll in all courses required in that program appropriate to the particular level of the student.
  • Students enrolled in the host institution will have the same privileges and enjoy the same student services, and other amenities as other full-time residence students. They will also be subject to the statutes, ordinances, regulations of the host institution as well as the local, state and federal laws of the region.
  • Each student must demonstrate that he or she possesses sufficient financial resources to participate in the exchange.

You can expect to budget the following for one semester at Taylor's University:

Tuition and Fees:
Standard SMSU rates
Housing at U-Residence (Spring 2015 rates):
Double occupancy with bathroom - USD$2,500 (includes $700 refundable deposit)
Single occupancy with bathroom - USD$3,100 (includes $700 refundable deposit)
Living Expenses per month:
Food:     USD$124 - $216
Misc:    USD$124 - $232
Total for five (5) months: USD$3,740 - $5,340
Airfare: $1,824  - $2,113

Total after refund of deposit (airfare, housing, living): $4,864 - $6,753

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