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Pool Rules

  1. A lifeguard MUST be on deck before anyone enters the pool
  2. No swimmers with open sores, infections or contagious diseases may use the pool
  3. Swimmers MUST wear a clean bathing suit or shorts to enter the pool. NO white spandex allowed. Anyone with inappropriate swim wear will be asked to leave the facility.
  4. All persons on deck must wear clean footwear
  5. No running, pushing, horseplay, offensive language or obscene behavior allowed
  6. No alcohol, drugs, smoking permitted in the pool facility. Those under the influence will be asked to leave.
  7. No glass, or sharp objects in the pool area.
  8. Put all equipment back in it's proper place
  9. Kick boards, pull buoys, and aqua joggers should not be used as flotation devices
  10. No animals, bicycles, skateboards allowed in pool (except service animals)
  11. DO NOT hang on the lap lanes
  12. Use of starting blocks is prohibited, unless under the direct supervision of a swim coach
  13. No food or drink allowed on deck or in the pool (water in an unbreakable container is permitted)
  14. No spitting, urinating, or blowing your nose in the pool or on the deck.
  15. All spectators must be seated in the observation deck
  16. All children under 15 must be supervised by an adult
  17. Authorized personnel only are to access the pool office, storage room, operate the handicap lift
  18. No prolonged underwater swimming or breath holding during free swim hours
  19. Lifeguards may expel ANY patron who does not follow the above rules.

Diving Well Rules:

  1. Diving is not allowed in water less than 7 feet
  2. Only 1 person at a time on the diving board
  3. The dive area must be clear of swimmers before the next person may dive
  4. No inward facing dives
  5. The lifeguard may use their discretion as to what is safe or unsafe.

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