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Math Learning Center

Welcome to the SMSU Math Learning Center

We're here to help students succeed in their mathematics coursework. Whether you need regular tutoring, a place to hold a study group, or just a little help with a homework question, come visit us! Our tutoring services are FREE.

The Math Learning Center is located in the Deeann Griebel Student Success Center located in the Individualized Learning building.

Tutors are available for either face-to-face or online tutoring. Students should be aware that tutors that are tutoring face-to-face in the MLC may not be available for online tutoring at the same time. 

Academic Year 2023-2024, Fall Semester Hours

Math Learning Center Hours
Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
10:00-11:50am 11:00am-11:50pm


1:00-2:50pm 3:00-3:50pm 1:30-2:50pm 1:00-1:50pm 1:00-1:50pm
4:30-6:20pm 4:30-6:20pm 3:00-4:50pm 3:00-3:50pm 3:00-4:50pm


Students should schedule appointments via Microsoft Bookings using the link provided. Create an appointment for each tutoring session. **Online tutoring must be scheduled at least 24-hours prior to the selected appointment time. 



  • Please be prepared when you arrive for tutoring: 
    • Bring class notes and textbook (print or e-text)
    • Be prepared to learn material, have specific questions on problems ready for the tutor to assist with.
    • Tutors will help you utilize your resources and help you learn the material.
  • What tutors do not do:
    • Tutors do not provide assistance on quizzes.
    • Tutors do not provide assistance on exams.
    • Tutors do not do the work for you or provide answers to homework questions.

For more information, contact Charles Bingen, Instructor of Mathematics/Math Learning Center Coordinator, via email at or email the Math department at 

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