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Victim Rights

It is important to note that both the student who is referred and the referring party have rights within this process. While the rights as printed here are specifically taken from the MnSCU Policy on Sexual Violence or Assault (MnSCU Policy 1.B.3), these victims’ rights apply in other situations involving student misconduct.

These rights include:

  1. The right to file criminal charges with local law enforcement officials.
  2. To have University authorities provide assistance as needed in reporting incidents to appropriate law enforcement agencies or disciplinary authorities.
  3. At the direction of law enforcement authorities, the appropriate campus personnel will provide complete and prompt assistance in obtaining, securing, and maintaining evidence in connection with an incident of misconduct.
  4. University authorities will assist a complainant in preserving materials relevant to a campus disciplinary hearing.
  5. Complaints will be investigated and resolved by the appropriate campus disciplinary authorities.
  6. The victim may be accompanied by an advisor and may participate in any campus disciplinary proceeding concerning the complaint.
  7. The victim will be informed of the outcome of any campus disciplinary proceeding concerning the complaint, consistent with laws relating to data privacy and practices.
  8. At the request of the victim/complainant, University authorities in cooperation with appropriate law enforcement authorities will provide assistance in shielding the victim from unwanted contact with the alleged assailant, including transferring the victim to alternative classes or alternative University owned housing (if alternative classes or housing are available and feasible) and/or by prohibiting contact with and/or restricting the access to the victim by the assailant/referred party.
  9. In instances of sexual assault, University authorities will inform victims of their rights to assistance from the office of the Crime Victim Ombudsman and the Crime Victims Reparations Board and will provide assistance in contacting these offices.

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