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Agricultural Solutions

Agriculture - Agriculture - Bachelor of Applied Science

About the Program

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Solutions is a new and exciting educational program at SMSU. Graduates with a BS in Agricultural Solutions can expect to earn gainful employment opportunities in agriculture because they will be equipped with a combination of communication, science, business, and leadership skills needed for a 21st-Century global economy.

The Agricultural Solutions major was developed simultaneously alongside SMSU’s BAS in Agriculture degree program. Both of these ag-centered degree programs were designed in consultation with agricultural industry representatives, Minnesota’s community and technical colleges, the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) and the Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership (MARL) Program. The Agricultural Solutions Program delivers a balance of academics, practicality and applicability.

The Agricultural Solutions degree program produces graduates who are thoughtful and pragmatic problem solvers; it offers a balanced curriculum that integrates classroom experiences, industry expertise and community leadership.

This is an exciting time for agriculture! Agricultural industries are advancing rapidly as new technologies, systems and worldwide increased demand in food, fiber and fuel drive-up the need for college-educated agricultural professionals. SMSU’s BS in Agricultural Solutions is a dynamic field of endeavor designed to help students realize their potential and meet the challenges of modern agriculture. 


Prospective Agricultural Solutions students should complete the standard college preparation curriculum. High school students whose agribusiness career plans include science-related professions such as agronomic consulting or chemical sales should complete biology, chemistry and mathematics courses as part of the pre-college curriculum. Participation in extracurricular activities such as athletics, community volunteering, band, FFA, or 4-H helps create a well-rounded education. Employers prefer to hire students who have a multi-dimensional résumé.

The Ag industry surrounds the campus for many miles and is the heart of the regional economy offering students an ideal setting to pursue a career in agriculture. Vibrant relationships with industry provide critical support for SMSU Ag programs in many ways including scholarships and sharing expertise through volunteerism. Across campus SMSU students, faculty, staff and administration create a warm atmosphere “Where You Belong!”

Majors & Minors


Any SMSU student can join the SMSU Ag Club and/or the Post-Secondary Agricultural Student Organization (PAS). The Ag Club is among the most active on campus meeting weekly to learn from agricultural professionals and alumni as guest speakers. The Ag Club plans and takes annual trips to different locations in the Midwest. Past cities visited include Chicago, Minneapolis, St.Paul, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Grand Island, Omaha, Denver and Boise. Also, an annual banquet to honor graduating seniors, scholarship award winners, alumni and rural leaders is hosted by the SMSU Ag Club. Other activities include SMSU’s Ag Bowl, AgCareer Fair, SMSU Homecoming Parade, skeet-shooting and golfing. The student community at SMSU is large enough to offer diversity but small enough to feel like family.

Clubs & Organizations

SMSU students who are active in clubs and organizations build social connections, learn essential life skills and enrich the value of their college experience. SMSU is proud to offer over 100 clubs and organizations! Below are opportunities worth consideration for any student who wants to build their network and expand their agricultural knowledge.

  • SMSU Ag Club Learn from industry professionals at most meetings, take advantage of regional travel opportunities and participate in social outings all of which help students expand their agricultural horizons.
  • Ag House Students interested in agriculture can live with others on campus that share their passion for agriculture and engage in experiential learning opportunities.
  • Post-Secondary Agricultural Student Organization Opportunity to improve and expand agricultural skills through state and national competitions.

Careers Opportunities

SMSU’s BS in Agricultural Solutions will open-up doors for rewarding careers in the agriculture and food industries. Former students are employed in permanent positions as agricultural loan officers, commodity brokers, elevator managers, agri-chemical sales, agri-implement dealers, farm managers, and conservation officers.

Contact Information

Agricultural Solutions - Office

CH 129, Southwest Minnesota State University
1501 State St.
Marshall, MN 56258

Ag Field


  • Complete Application
  • $20 Non-refundable Application Fee
  • Official High School Transcript(s)
  • ACT or SAT Test Scores

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  • Rank in the upper half of graduating class
  • or
  • Score a composite of 21 or above on the ACT or 990 on the SAT

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