Contact Information:
Dept.:  Art, Music, Speech Communication and TheatreArt
Office: FA 207
Phone: 537-7234

The Art Program has several goals:

  1. To enrich the educational experience of all students by providing them the opportunity to view, discuss and produce works of art.
  2. Provide quality baccalaureate degrees in art and art education.
  3. To provide a vocational orientation to art through preparation in such areas as art education and graphic design.

Students with all levels of experience, and non-majors, may enroll in the Art Studio courses as electives to enrich their liberal arts educational experience after completing ART 100: Intro to Art, or ART 101: Foundations of Art and Design Art, or Art 102: Foundations of Art and Design 2-D, or Art 103: Foundations of Art and Design 3-D ( 102 and 103 supersede 101), or see individual studio instructors for permission and availability. NOTE: Non-art majors will have the option of taking studio art courses on a credit/no credit basis.

Art Studio courses encourage creativity and personal exploration of ideas, concepts, materials, form and content. All Art studio courses are variable (3-6) credit, and repeatable, to develop competency unless listed otherwise. Students who wish to enroll for more than 3 credits are required to obtain instructor permission prior to registration. All students will be required to invest additional hours of work (over and above listed studio/graphic design class hours).



Student Clubs/Organizations Associated with Program:

After Graduation

After graduation, a number of SMSU's Art students have found jobs teaching in public and private schools.  Our graduates have taught in Minnesota communities such as:

  • Marshall
  • Canby
  • Lanesboro,
  • Granite Falls
  • Dawson-Boyd
  • Slayton
  • Tracy

Our graduates are also found teaching in states such as:

  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • California
  • South Dakota

Our BA in Art: Graphic Design graduates have found jobs working in:

  • Advertising design
  • web development
  • newspaper publication design
  • catalog publication design
  • freelance designers

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