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Management Faculty Bios

Biographies of Professors

Professor Simon photo

Dr. Doug Simon has been a member of the Southwest Minnesota State University faculty since 1998.  He holds a number of degrees, including a Ph.D. in Sociology with a specialization in Social Organizations, a Masters of Law (LL.M) in Military Law, a Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Law, and a Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) in Public Administration.  Dr. Simon’s teaching interests include business and constitutional law, policy, and organizational theory.  Dr. Doug Simon has written or presented on topics that include military law and leadership, environmental policy, persistence behavior, community based engagement, and veteran civic engagement.  Alongside his academic career. Dr. Simon serves as Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) for the State of Minnesota, holding the rank of colonel. In this position, Dr. Simon is the principal legal advisor to The Adjutant General and senior leadership within the Minnesota National Guard. Dr. Simon has deployed two times. His first deployment was in 2003, where he served as the Operational Law Attorney for Operation Joint Forge, SFOR 14, a mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and second, during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2008-2009, serving as a Brigade Judge Advocate for the 34th Combat Aviation Brigade. Dr. Simon presently serves as the Chair for the Department of Management and Marketing.


Professor Chukwuba photo

Dr. Kenneth U. Chukwuba has been with Southwest Minnesota State University since 2016 where he serves as Assistant Professor in the Management Department. He received his Ph.D. in Management with a concentration in Leadership and Organizational Change from Walden University in Minnesota, M.B.A. from Webster University Missouri, and B.S. from Columbia College Missouri. Dr. Chukwuba also completed coursework in Disruptive Strategy at Harvard Business School. His areas of specialization are strategic management, leadership and organizational change management, international business and international management. He serves on the Advisory Board for DECA (Distributive Education College of America). Dr. Chukwuba belongs to the following academic and professional organizations and serves as a reviewer: Academy of Management, The Southern Management Association, and Society for Advancement of Management.  Before arriving at Southwest Minnesota University, Dr. Chukwuba was a Visiting Professor at the Waldorf University of Forest City Iowa.  His research interests are in the areas of strategic management, international business, and leadership.

Quote  “Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” ― Peter F. Drucker

Professor Chrystie photo

Dr. Jeanetta Chrystie completed her Ph.D. in Management Information Systems in 1998, then continued her professional studies to earn a Certificate in Distance Learning (online instructional design and techniques). “Online learning allows students to learn from literally anywhere, and professors can be located anywhere. Job relocations need no longer affect students’ educational goals. A key success factor for online classes is teacher presence, which is created using a variety of andragogical methods.” Prior to and during her M.B.A. studies, she worked in MIS management for 15 years overseeing multiple projects and daily operations while also teaching as adjunct faculty and writing two textbooks.

 Dr. Chrystie also holds a degree in Education and two additional certificates in Total Quality Improvement and in Leadership. Having taught since 1980, either full-time or part-time, across nine colleges as she followed her husband’s career moves, she strives to pass on her love of learning to her students. “Education tends to bring up students as passive learners; however, true adult education is teamwork between the learner and the professor. I want to help students desire and apply their learning to real-world situations.”

 Since 2005 her teaching focus at SMSU has included undergraduate courses in Interpersonal Skills in Organizations, Leadership & Team Management, Management Information Systems, Organizational Behavior, Project Management, Total Quality Management, Production & Operations Management, and Supply Chain Management; and Graduate courses in Leadership and Team Management, Organizational Behavior, and Management of Production and Operations.

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