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School of Business and Public Affairs

Our Mission...

To provide the finest quality education possible that will be responsive to the requirements of an ever-changing and diverse student body and prepare them for success in the rapidly changing global environment.

To be a positive force in the development of the University, community and region by being actively involved in addressing the problems facing these constituencies.

SMSU Scholarships

Offered Majors

The School of Business and Public Affairs also offers a Masters of Business Administration M.B.A.

The programs in the School of Business and Public Affairs are designed to allow students strengthen their general business skills and knowledge. All the program curricula are founded on a strong foundation of business core courses that are necessary for success in today’s competitive economic environment.

Our faculty members are professionals who have industry experience and strong academic credentials. More importantly, our faculty are dedicated educators with a passion for teaching and learning. We care about our students, and we are constantly improving our programs to make sure that we are fully preparing our students for a globally-competitive business world where change is the only constant. About 78 percent of the faculty have PhDs or terminal degrees.

We offer dynamic multi-program departments, including bachelor’s degrees in the following programs: Accounting, Agribusiness Management, Culinology®, Finance, Hospitality Management, Management, and Marketing.

The school also offers associate degrees in the following programs: Accounting, Agribusiness Management, and Marketing.

The School Business and Public Affairs is very active in extended learning education. In cooperation with SMSU’s Office of Online Learning & Transfer Partnerships, the department offers 2+2 programs to off-campus locations.

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