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Current Projects

Projects currently taking place on the SMSU campus are:

SM ST Link

HEAPR funding at work!  The SM-ST Link Curtainwall Replacement Project will start in April of 2018 and be completed mid-October, 2018. This project was funded using HEAPR funds; designed by Hay Dobbs; and Bladholm Construction is the general contractor. This project replaces the current curtainwall (original to the 1970’s buildings); renovates surrounding construction to provide a complete thermal barrier between the interior and exterior of the link to improve the link’s energy performance and to conform to current energy codes and Minnesota State Building Design Standards; replaces existing interior finishes and lighting; and replaces heating systems in the link with a greater energy efficient system. End result is a warm, dry connecting link between the Science & Math and Science & Technology buildings!

Bollard light at south side of ILGreen light poles on SMSU campus

BA-CH-IL sidewalk light replacement project: bollard lighting along the walkway to the BA-CH link and the sidewalk south of the IL building are to be replaced during the 2019 fiscal year. The bollard lights will be replaced with (green) pole lighting similar to those in other areas on the SMSU campus. The deteriorating bollards will be removed and lighting installed that provides more, better, and more cost effective lighting! It’s a win/win for all!

Parking lots RA, C, and the West Maintenance Building lot will receive a seal coat and sand the summer of 2018.

Planning for future infrastructure projects: Staff and Bolton & Menk engineers are working on the replacement of a portion of SMSU’s water main line – a portion of the line near the Maintenance Building. Staff is also working with LKPB Engineers on the pre-designs for: replacing the air conditioning system serving the Founders Hall building; and a general over-haul of the campus central chiller plant.

Comprehensive Facilities Plan (Facilities Master Plan): SMSU’s Comprehensive Facilities Plan was recently completed and can be found on the Facilities and Physical Plant website.

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