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Curriculum Committee Home Page

2020-2021 Academic Year Membership


Sami Shahin
Office: SM 225
Phone: 537-6247

Curriculum Committee Members:

  • Laurie Johansen (Nursing)
  • Māra Wiggins (McFarland Library Services)
  • Vaughn Gehle (Science)
  • Cindy Aamlid (Social Science) (Fall)
  • Scott Peterson (Social Science) (Spring)
  • Mary Ellen Daniloff-Merrill (English, Philosophy, Spanish, & Humanities)
  • Marta Almeyda-Ibanez (Business, Innovation and Strategy)
  • Heather Moreland (Mathematics & Computer Science)
  • Rhonda Bonnstetter (Education)
  • Alma Hale (Fine Arts & Communication)
  • Joyce Hwang (Agriculture, Culinology, & Hospitality Management)




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