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SAGE Faculty Information

Southwest Minnesota State University prepares students to meet the complex challenges of this century as engaged citizens in their local and global communities.  

To meet our university’s mission in preparing globally engaged citizens and to ensure that our students will receive a robust and invigorating study abroad opportunities on par with other state-wide school offerings, the Center for International Education (CIE) established an All University Committee at SMSU named SAGE - Study Abroad and Global Engagement in Fall of 2020.

Purposes of SAGE:

To serve as an advisory board for the Center for International Education (CIE) on Study Aboard and Global Engagement matters as requested.

To meet periodically and establish, review, and enforce education abroad procedures and deadlines that ensure fiscally sound and educationally stimulating study abroad opportunities worldwide.

To review, evaluate, and approve faculty and staff proposals of all university sponsored affiliated programs and education abroad opportunities including short-term programs and semester-long experiences outside of the U.S.

To serve as a resource to members of the SMSU community as they prepare and propose short-term faculty/staff led academic and program opportunities abroad.

To advocate for new and continuing study abroad opportunities within SMSU and its partners.

Assist the Center for International Education with study abroad related activities as requested (professional development days, study abroad campus fairs/expos, study abroad information sessions).

To enact best practices in the field of International Education and Study Aboard opportunities.


Permanent Co-Chair - Director of the Center for International Education

Permanent Co-Chair - Faculty Chair of Global Studies Committee

Ex Officio/non - voting:  Administration/Cabinet level (1) (Provost, Deans)

By Function:Financial Aid Office Representative (1)

Business Services Representative (1)

Registration and Records Representative (1)

By Appointment: 

IFO member at large – (2) (one from each college)

ASF member at large (2) - updated as of 10/20/2020 per ASF union request

MMA/MAPE/Council 5 (1)

SAGE meets twice a semester to review Faculty Led Program (FLP) abroad proposals.  Faculty and Staff who wishes to take students abroad for credit or for a non-credit bearing activity will need to submit a FLP Proposal to SAGE at least one-two years in advance prior to the program's proposed departure date.  Vendor set-up, curriculum committee approvals, and many behind-the-scenes tasks are needed to be completed before a program can be advertised for enrollment.  We suggest you plan at least 1.5-2 years out by submitting an FLP proposal to SAGE early.  Deadlines to apply are Oct 1st, Nov 1st, Feb 1st, and March 1st. 

Click here to download a Faculty Led Program (FLP) Proposal Template

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