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Mustang Card Forms

Using Department and Organization Accounts to purchase Mustang Cards 

GROUP CARDS:  To simplify on-campus purchases, departments and organizations may purchase a group card with a transfer of funds from their account to the Mustang Money account by submitting a Mustang Money Purchase Authorization form to the Mustang Card Center.

GIFT CARDS:  Departments and Organizations may purchase gift cards using their SMSU 3-ledger or 9-ledger account by submitting a Mustang Money Purchase Authorization form to the Mustang Card Center.

Using your Mustang Card as your US Bank Debit Card

DEBIT CARD:  Simplify life with a one-card-fits-all approach.  Link your Mustang Card to an existing US Bank account by calling the Marshall Branch at 507-532-1073.  If you don't already have an existing US Bank account, take a completed application to the US Bank branch office on the corner of Main Street and E. College Drive (across from the Varsity Pub).

Withdrawing funds from your Mustang Money account

Maintaining a Mustang Money Account balance is optional, and your account may be closed at any time by spending the balance down to zero.

Cash withdrawals cannot be made. The balance in your Mustang Money account will be carried over from semester to semester. Your Mustang Card never expires and you may continue using it to access Mustang Money funds or your US Bank accounts for as long as you like. When you graduate or retire from SMSU, the Card Center will provide you with a new Mustang Card FREE OF CHARGE in recognition of your new status, so you have an accurate and current card for your continued use.

You also have the option to request a refund of the remaining funds when you graduate, retire or otherwise discontinue your association with SMSU by sending written notice to the Mustang Card Center. Balances greater than $25.00 will be returned less a $25.00 refund processing fee. If you have less than $25.00 in your account, we will not issue a refund check but encourage you to spend your balance.


If your Mustang Money account remains inactive for 12 months after you leave SMSU, your balance will be refunded automatically, less a $25.00 processing fee. The refund will be mailed to your last known address.

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